Was racism or infanticide Gov. Northam's greatest sin?

Trick question. They both are grievous sins, but of a different kind.

Racism wrongs millions of people. Infanticide just one, but ends the person's life. Racism appears millions of times a day inflicting pain and even death. Infanticide is rare, but is certainly deadly.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is accused of racism for having a photo of a man in blackface and another in KKK robes appear in his medical school yearbook. He also is accused of making the case for allowing a born-alive child with a "defect" (as defined by the mother) to be abandoned to die. By any definition, that's infanticide.

Considering the duality, I kind of expected to see a somewhat proportionate backlash. But no. The networks and other media basically ignored his defense of infanticide while piling on with the racism accusation. ABC, NBC and MSNBC didn't even bother to cover it, according to FOX News MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz. The video (below) documents widespread irresponsible and missing coverage from other media outlets.

Look, I'm well aware that racism is responsible for enslavement and deaths of so many African Americans. Slavery and its progeny that continue in subtle forms today are a grave violation of human rights.

So is infanticide. What makes Northam's remarks so newsworthy is that he is breaking new ground. Who in recent times has so calmly and casually broached the centuries old moral and ethical code that forbids infanticide.

It happens, probably more than we think. Jill Stanek, a former nurse at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, described in detail how it happens, even with elective abortions. Years ago, I wrote about it here in RealClearPolitics and here, in the Chicago Sun-Times.) 

Celebrity Barbra Streisand has decided that building a border law is "immoral." High irony, that. Streisand and others for her far left leanings are among the strongest advocates for elective abortions, no matter the reason or the timing. But not a word from them about the immorality of Northam's infanticide advocacy.


Senate Democrats Block Bill Prohibiting Infanticide

For all their dodging and weaving, Democrats revealed as the Party of Death



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  • Let he who is WITHOUT sin cast the first stone.

  • I share your concerns. But do you have any proof that an infanticide has occurred in the U.S. with the approval of the government at any level. Or is your argument that it could become government policy in the future?

    BTW, climate change is for real. Study the science.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    For the Virginia governor, it already is policy. Did he do this as a doctor? I don't know.

    Of course climate change is real. Climate is never static. The question is: Just how much has civilization contributed to the change. I'm not a denier, but only someone who has read enough science to know that some critical questions haven't been answered. Such as the dynamics of cloud formation and changes in the sun. Changes in the star that constantly bombards us with its products has been written off as a factor by some.

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