Moviegoers, Oscars flip off elite progressives as "Green Book" captures "Best Picture"

"Green Book" won the Best Picture Oscar. Horrors! Oh, the humanity!!

Here are some of the headlines that attempt to shame the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the dastardly deed:

The segregation-era road-trip drama "Green Book" was crowned best picture at the Academy Awards, handing Hollywood's top award to a film seen as a feel-good throwback to some but ridiculed as an outdated inversion of "Driving Miss Daisy" by others.

In a year where Hollywood could have made history by bestowing best-picture on Netflix ("Roma") or Marvel ("Black Panther") for the first time, the motion picture academy instead threw its fullest support behind a traditional interracial buddy tale that proved as popular as it was divisive. But Peter Farrelly's "Green Book" weathered criticism that it was retrograde and inauthentic to triumph over more acclaimed films and bigger box-office successes. Spike Lee was visibly upset by the win.

"Retrograde and inauthentic." That's code for it doesn't rise to the high standards of the media elite and progressives. It tells a simple and inspiring story of racial understanding that the critics portray as shallow and simpleminded.

screen-shot-2019-02-25-at-3-32-56-pmYou know it had to come. Hours after the show closed, someone suggested that honoring "Green Book" was...racist.  I give you Ty Burr in the Boston Globe:

I understand why Spike got up and tried to leave the Dolby Theater when the best picture Oscar was announced. It wasn’t that “BlacKkKlansman” lost, it was that “Green Book” won, and in so doing proved that the creative community hasn’t moved forward in any meaningful way since “Driving Miss Daisy” won out over “Do the Right Thing” in 1989. A film about the black American experience still has to be filtered through a white lens to be fully embraced by a white audience. We can’t — won’t — attend to these stories without an onscreen representative to hold our hands.

Et cetera.

Such commentary is itself simpleminded and inauthentic. It insults the white men and women who strived and sacrificed by joining the movement to help end Jim Crow. "Green Book" accurately portrayed the humiliation and injustice of segregation in public accommodations. The 1962 tour of the Deep South sketched in the movie was real as was  The Negro Motorist Green Book.

Belittling the 1950s and early 1960s is the catnip that makes today's holier-than-thou critics and progressives crazy with delight. They are ignorant of or brush aside the massive cultural change--for the better--that was fueled by blacks and whites working together. In that period, the civil rights movement was incubated. The so-called micro aggressions that today spin their heads are nothing compared to the changes that the 1950s and early 60s wrought.

Their scorn of the "Green Book's" portrayal of friendship and understanding is absolutely what is not needed today as race relations are on tenterhooks.

Today's ridicule by the elites and progressives of  "Green Book" is just another way of saying, "We're so much better." To which I say, bullshit.

My reaction after first seeing "Green Book:" Sick of the fighting? See 'Green Book.'" 

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