Pro-choice lie about the New York law that allows late-term abortions

Pro-choice champions are trying to persuade pro-life advocates that the new New York state Reproductive Health Act does not permit abortions for any reason at any time up to the moment of birth.

For example, flatly denies that in an article:  No, the New York Abortion Law Does Not Allow ‘Any’ Late-Term Abortion: Read the Law Here

As you can see, the law as it stands is still hotly debated, but it should be understood that despite what many memes may indicate, it does not allow any late-term abortion for any reason.

As proof, the article cites the actual language in the law that authorizes abortions when "the patient is within twenty-four weeks from the commencement of pregnancy or there is an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient's life or health." [My emphasis.]

The patient's "health" is not defined in the new law, and therein hides the lie. So, we must look elsewhere for the controlling definition. And it is to be found in the Supreme Court's 1973 decision  Doe v. Bolton that accompanied the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. In Doe, "health" is defined as "all factors--physical, emotion, psychological, familial and the woman's age--relevant to the well-being the patient."

Ultrasound image of unborn baby at 27 weeks of gestation. A person who can be killed for any reason.

Ultrasound image of unborn baby at 27 weeks of gestation. A person who can be killed for any reason.

It's a loophole wide enough for a truck. "Health" can mean anything at all, such as, "I can't afford a child," "I've already got too many kids," "My boyfriend doesn't want this child and I'm afraid to have it," "My therapist says I'm not ready to have a baby," "I don't want a Down Syndrome child," or just "I don't want it."

Under the new law, you don't even need a doctor to agree to do the abortion. Any provider--e.g. nurse, midwife, physicians assistant, graduate of a foreign medical school--licensed by the state can do the abortion. Without any qualifications, even during the third trimester when an abortion is truly a surgical procedure.

This kind of deception is not new for the pro-choice extremists. For them, the Doe definition is not to debated or acknowledged, as if it didn't exist. Truth for these pro-choice adherents, is as fragile and endangered as the baby in the womb. The most amazing example is their heated denial that abortionists had practiced the gruesome late-term procedure called "partial birth abortion." Until they had to admit it.

True, only a fraction of abortions can be labeled "late term."  As if it's no big deal that "only" hundreds of unborn infants die this way.  Getting reliable data on when and why a third trimester abortion was performed is virtually impossible because it is a pro-choice article of faith that third-parties must not be involved with a decision to abort, even if only for information purposes. 

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    No. Do you favor abortions at any time for any reason?

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