My Cody Parkey bet

Chicago Bears place kicker did the unimaginable--nay, the impossible--by missing so many field goals and extra points, that he almost single-handedly kept the Bears from advancing in the playoffs.

Or from reaching the Super Bowl. Add up all the inches that he missed those field goals and extra points, and you might begin to think that they were so close to a near-perfect season that only karma could explain their, well, fate.

So, here's my bet: No place kicker alive can match Cody Parkey's remarkable record of hitting a goal post upright four times in a single, 60-minute game. Or over the course of a season hitting the goal post eight times.

Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey misses the potential game-winning kick. (Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey misses the potential game-winning kick. (Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune)

The odds that anyone, professional or amateur, can do that have to be astronomical. Think of it: The goal post is made with 4" diameter structural aluminum tubing. You try hitting a 4-inch-wide target from 40 yards with a football,  baseball, golf ball, rifle, bow and arrow, sling shot or anything else. Go ahead, loudmouths, you try it.

They say golf is a matter of inches. Parkey demonstrated how football too is a matter of inches. Giving new meaning to "close but no cigar) and "Close only counts in horseshoes."

But imagine, if he had kicked the ball just an inch or two to the good side of the uprights on half of those eight misses, Parkey would have ended the season as a hero instead of a goat. Instead of having a ruined career.

His teammates are right: You could blame a number of them for mistakes that ended the season--missed tackles, dropped passes, misdirected throws. Mock and curse the receiver who changed everything by letting a pass slip past his outstretched hands a mere inch. Or the quarterback for not throwing it more accurately.

My point is: For all the scorn, anger and nastiness heaped on Parkey, especially on social media, it could have easily gone the other way around. So, just let him alone. Move on. 


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    I've heard a few radio station callers mocking Cody because of his pre-game praying and spoken belief in God.

  • Nonetheless, it was a heck of a year.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


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