Pope Francis forsakes sex abuse victims

Headline: Pope Francis "...Bars Action by U.S. Bishops on Sex-Abuse Reforms at Conference Last-minute change surprises bishops who planned votes to address crisis," reports the Wall Street Journal.

The story continues:

The Vatican told Cardinal DiNardo about the directive only Sunday night, according to a bishop familiar with the situation. It demonstrates the continuing rift between Pope Francis and U.S. bishops over how to address the abuse crisis, the latest iteration of which began with an August report by the Pennsylvania attorney general documenting the abuse of more than 1,000 children by more than 300 priests.

The Vatican has insisted that any official actions on the sexual-abuse crisis will have to wait until a global summit on the issue planned for February, Cardinal DiNardo announced.

In other words, the Vatican bureaucracy will grind on, as if the clergy's sexual abuse of children isn't particularly urgent. The American bishops finally got the idea that the issue is splitting American Catholics and that the coverups are a barometer of the church's decaying moral authority.

The church's response should not be rocket science. In the church's parlance, the clergy who committed these crimes and the leadership that have covered up the scandal have committed mortal sins, deserving of eternal damnation.

Here's a reasonable question that the faithful (I'm a life-long Catholic) can ask: If the hierarchy is so sinful on this matter, how wrong can it be on other matters?

Here's more on Pope Francis' failures:

VATICAN CITY—Pope Francis took charge of the Catholic Church promising a new style of leadership that would make the church more open, candid and dedicated to the vulnerable. His response to the long-running clerical abuse scandal is undermining those goals.

The pope has dismissed coverup allegations from abuse victims and wavered on promised disciplinary reforms. He has struggled to demonstrate a sense of urgency in addressing clerical abuse and has drawn complaints of inconsistency and inaction.

Here's a question for Pope Francis: How can a church leader who preaches about social justice be so ignorant about the awful harm that the clergy did to innocent children?

My earlier post on the hierarchy's failures: "Northbrook Catholic Community shows church hierarchy how to deal with the sex scandal"


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  • Pope Francis's handling of this crisis is troubling, to say the least. Is this karma for centuries of clerical celibacy?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Get ride of celibacy, bring in married priests and women priests.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:


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