Trump's big mouth jeopardizes Kavanaugh confirmation

That will thrill the haters of President Donald Trump and his Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. But his crass and idiotic mocking of alleged sexual abuse accuser Christine Ford is a betrayal of his base, no matter how much they seemed to enjoy at a rally in which he made the stupid remarks.

Trump does seem to understand that a huge part of his "base" voted for him because he promised to nominate constitutional justices to the Supreme Court. Someone should have explained to him that nominating an acceptable justice is just the first step. It's up to the president to do everything in his power to ensure that the nominee is confirmed by the Senate.

Not long ago, Trump--undoubtedly with the strong advice of his aides (may God help them)--approached the subject with respect and intelligence. Until he didn't.

He doesn't seem to understand that he doesn't have to persuade his followers that Kavanaugh is a good choice. He's got to persuade those moderate senators of both parties that he's a good choice. The reaction from them has been negative, and if he loses them the Kavanaugh nomination fails.

But it is more than senators who must be persuaded. His mockery threatens every Republican who need moderates and independents to win their elections.

The case for Kavanaugh is strong. The evidence that he attacked Ford is flimsy at best. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is correct that Trump was pointing out some troubling facts that undercut Ford's claims. But Trump couldn't leave it with that. He had to go with his twisted emotions, satisfying some inexplicable inner need.


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  • Lying before a Senate committee is a felony. Brett Kavanaugh lied before a Senate committee. Therefore Brett Kavanaugh is a felon. That should keep him off the Supreme Court no matter WHAT Christine Blasey Ford said!

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