Trump, pay Sen. Warren

...for what she's worth-- $9,700.

How do I figure?

Turns out that her DNA test showed that she is somewhere from 1/64th to 1/1024th Native American. Meaning that an Indian entered her blood line six to 10 generations ago.

Let's see. If every generation equals 30 years, Warren's Indian ancestor would have entered her blood line 180 to 300 years ago. Were her European ancestors even in America 300 years ago, in 1718. Or 180 years ago, in 1838. Were her white Europeans ancestors even in America that long ago?

Trump said he'd pay $1 million to her charity if she'd take a DNA test to prove her Native American identity that she had been touting around for years. Turns out she has a Native American identity, but less than the average white European. Nonetheless, Mr. Trump, you owe her.

A fair payment would be the percentage of her bloodline that is Native American. Based on her bloodline being 1/64th to 1/1024th Indian, Trump's payment should be an equivalent to 1/64th to 1/024 0f $1 million. That would work out from $9,700 to a generous $15,625.

Let this be the last word on this tiresome nonsense. If the two loudmouths can drop it, that is.


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  • No, he owes her a mil. All she had to do was take the DNA test and
    prove Native American ancestry. He didn't specify any percentage of Native American heritage. Did he?

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