Pro-Kavanaugh women fed up with the sexism

Reports the Washington Times:

Women who supported the confirmation of Supreme CourtJustice Brett M. Kavanaugh have been ripped on the left as brainwashed, shameful, privilege-defending gender traitors, and it’s starting to annoy them.

Anti-Kavanaugh activists saved their most virulent post-confirmation screeds for women who refused to condemn Justice Kavanaugh — especially the white ones — another indication of the resistance’s growing irritation with centrist and conservative women putting due process over feminist solidarity.

“I find the idea that ‘as a woman’ I must think a certain way extremely patronizing,” said Allie Stuckey, host of CRTV’s “Relatable.” “If these so-called feminists really believed in female empowerment, they’d be encouraging women to think with their brains rather than their anatomy.”

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  • Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. I guess he got due process. But the question remains: if Dr. Ford did.

    CRTV refers to Conservative Review TV a brainchild of Mark Levin, far-right Conservative radio talk-show host. Levin is another notorious conspiracy theorist, including the idea of a deep-state which is undermining Trump. Dennis, you can do better than this.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    "Due process" refers to legal proceedings where the accuser presents evidence and the accused is presumed innocent. In the "court" of public opinion, there is no due process, only accusation and defense that are examined and expanded by the public and media. Ford has no evidence beyond her statement that she was attacked by Kavanaugh and had a beer. There is no physical evidence and no corroborating evidence. In this kind of "court," the Democrats and the Left declare the accused guilty based on gender and the accuser believed by gender. As the Left is now fond of saying about this travesty: "it was only a job interview." Wonder how Ford's defenders will feel the next time they interview for a job and are accused of heinous crimes? HR rules will have to be rewritten across the Western World.

    As for Levin, the "conspiracy theorist", it is now fact that the DOJ and FBI obtained FISA court warrants based on opo research done by Hillary Clinton to spy on Carter Page --who has never been charged with any crime-- to have a "two step" process to spy on the Trump campaign. This was first suspected by Levin, a former DOJ employee in the Reagan administration Deep state? Crooked state? Call it what you wish. To a Leftist the state is the be all and end all, so it's not something they are concerned about.

    Dennis, you did alright. The group-think crowd does not tolerate those women -- and minorities-- who stray from the Democrat plantation.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Richard, neither you nor I can say what happened 36 years ago at that party in question. Kavanaugh was not on trial. His fitness to serve on our highest court for life was being evaluated. He was not the first choice of Senator McConnell who had doubts he would be confirmed. His combative, partisan manner during the questioning by the Democrats reflected poorly on his judicial temperament. And in my opinion, he seemed defensive and evasive to such an extent that it was very troubling to an objective observer.

    On your second point, Carter Page's suspicious relationship with Russia goes back before the Steele dossier. 4 FISA judges granted the DOJ and the FBI authority to wiretap him. It is not a "fact" that their clandestine investigation of Page was tantamount to spying on the Trump campaign. The Rightists don't seem to mind the state when it bails them out of financial ruin. Or gives them huuuuge tax cuts. Or eliminates health and safety regulations to improve their bottom lines. That's for sure, my friend.

    "The group-think crowd"? I think I see a lot of that at the Trump rallies, many wearing "MAGA" caps. I bet you have one of those two, like Kanya. Funny you should mention the plantation. Those Democrats are now Republicans, like Graham, Grassley, and Cornyn. They did all right plowing Kavanaugh's nomination through. 11 white men who were afraid to ask her a single question.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    "too" that is.

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