Obama Center bleeds Chicago and Illinois taxpayers

Higher taxes and money from bankrupt Chicago and Illinois are the price of ripping up Jackson Park for the private Obama Center and two gentrified golf courses.

It's bad enough that public parkland is being confiscated for the private use of former President Barack Obama's "Center" (it's not a presidential library) to spread around his political dogma. But to downplay the true costs of this use of public land for a private purpose as the center's proponents are trying to do, is stain on the Obama legacy.

All of this is nicely explained by Herb Caplan of Protect Our Parks in a communication to the group's supporters:

The reality is that both the state of Illinois and Chicago are actually bankrupt, with credit ratings so low that if they were a private business they would already be in bankruptcy court.

After the state income tax was raised to 4.9% in January 2017 just to pay current bills, and a multi-billionaire candidate for Governor is arguing the need to raise state income taxes even further, the state this year has already casually budgeted $280 million to pay for road work to serve the private Obama Center in historic Jackson Park, and Chicago real estate taxes that have already been increased 50%, has another hidden Park District tax to support the Obama Center in Jackson Park. Here is what the amended statute says the tax will be:

“...15 percent of the full, fair cash value, ...for the purpose of establishing, acquiring, completing, erecting, enlarging, ornamenting, building, rebuilding, rehabilitating, improving, operating, maintaining and caring for such... museum ... and the buildings and grounds thereof; and the proceeds of such additional tax shall be kept as a separate fund.  Said tax shall be in addition to all other taxes which such board of park commissioners is now or hereafter may be authorized to levy on the aggregate valuation of all taxable property within the park district. Said tax
shall be levied and collected in like manner as the general taxes for such parks and shall not be included within any limitation of rate for general park purposes you will pay this taxurposes as now or hereafter provided by law but shall be excluded there from and be in addition thereto and in excess thereof. "

Obama's Menhir on the Lake

Obama's Menhir on the Lake

Chicago, while continuing to steal and hoard TIF (Tax Increment Funding) off the top of the regular real estate tax keeping under sole patronage control of the Mayor, has been again driven to consider the idea of issuing new "pension bonds". Paying it back is another coming taxpayer expense.

So, although you were never given a chance to vote for the exclusive Obama tax, if you live in Chicago, like it or not, you will be forced to pay this tax whether or not you approve of the Obama Center in the public park. We are talking immediate taxpayer money now. Perhaps, before the next election, time to let the crooked political supporters of the Obama Center hear exactly how you feel about this rip off and condemm their involvement in it ? 
Is opposition to this private use of public land growing? Maybe. Legal hurdles already are delaying the groundbreaking, notably a federal lawsuit filed by Protect our Parks and a federal bureaucracy that is required under the law to fully consider the environmental and other impacts of the project. How ironic that these procedures that Obama and those who share his large government political philosophy are now being ignored when it comes to their private interests.



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