Selective outrage over the Puerto Rico T-shirt assault

It is gratifying indeed to see and hear the outrage over the hateful attack by a lunatic against a woman wearing a woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in the northwest side Caldwell Woods. It also is appalling that a peace officer stood by without acting to protect the woman. 

The assault has gone viral on You Tube prompting and has attracted international attention. The rate at which law enforcement, the media, politicians and others swung into action is deserved and appropriate.

It would be as  satisfying if everyone got as worked up when the victims are conservatives, especially on college campuses. Here are some examples deserving of equal or greater rage.

Here, an incensed, left-wing deplorable at Santa Clara University assaults a group of conservatives who are honoring the millions of victims of 20th century socialist and communist regimes. Like the woman who responded calmly to the Caldwell Woods incident, the victims calmly attempted to hold a conversation with the activist before asking her to leave the area. "Liberals often say they are the ones of tolerance and diversity, but when someone puts on a pro-capitalism display, they lose their minds," said Spencer McLaughlin, vice president of the campus chapter of Turning Point USA*, a student organization fighting for free speech. 

At the University of California at Berkeley, the birth of the 1960s free speech movement, deplorables rioted over the scheduled speech of  Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative firebrand.  How ironic. 

Kaitlyn Mullen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln sophomore, was confronted while recruiting for her local chapter of Turning Point USA outside of the student union by five women, including some professors and a graduate student. She made a video of a women holding a poster saying, "Just Say No! To Neo-Fascism" and shouting  "neo-fascist Becky right here." She said later, "They were circling my table, screaming profanities, calling me the KKK, white nationalist. It was, honestly, it made me feel unsafe, I was alone, these women were being aggressive in what they were saying." She broke down in tears and a bystander who was concerned for her safety called the police to protect her.

Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, needed eight private security agents and 30 people officers to ensure his safety and right to speak at the University of Illinois art Champaign-Urbana. As he tried to speak he was interrupted by such shouts as "Charlie Kirk is a jerk," and “Hey hey, ho ho, this Nazi has got to go.”

These incidents aren't unusual. But  does the left react to these assaults with the same outrage as they have with the Caldwell Woods attack? They don't. Instead they blame the victims for inciting the reaction, like, "Right-wing student groups invite bigoted trolls to invade campus under guise of free speech."

Albert Eisenberg wrote it well:

But you need not cross the shining seas to experience violence, destruction of property and a general dismantling of liberal values from the political left. You could simply visit America’s elite college campuses like Yale or Middlebury or Berkeley, where tomorrow’s leaders attempt to shut down conservative voices with protest or riots. At Middlebury, rioting students landed liberal professor Allison Stranger in a neck brace for the crime of defending a conservative academic’s right to speak. At Berkeley, mobs of students created a “war zone” ahead of a planned visit from conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, injuring Trump supporters and causing $100,000 in damages.

From Portland to New Haven to Washington, the violence we’re witnessing is largely a product of the hard left, and the reaction from mainstream liberals — mostly silence, dismissiveness, equivocation — means it will continue to flourish.

College campuses are supposed to be exemplars for free expression. I fear for future generations.

*Disclosure: I have done freelance writing work for Turning Point USA.

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    Well said! It's exactly what it was. Nobody got all that worked up when that deplorable lout "SPIT" on the Police officer while he was peaceably moving along at City hall.Nobody wrote any glowing articles on gallant way he handled. He was not only calm and professional he was the example of behavior in the face of those out of control goofs.

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