Sometimes a jacket is just a jacket

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

That quote, from Sigmund Freud or from someone commenting on his obsessive perspective that just about everything we do or think is somehow connected to sex, came to mind with the frenzied speculation about the meaning of First Lady Melania Trump's jacket.

The sometimes amusing, something goofy, sometimes extreme conjecture was kicked off by the saying on the back  of the jacket she wore on the way to and from a children’s detention center in McAllen, Texas: "i really don’t care do u?” I didn't care, but it was hard to avoid the stampeding herd of anti-Trump, fashion and celebrities commentators  as they parsed or made up all kinds of nasty meanings to it.

Apparently the jacket is an inexpensive item commercially available, which itself brought on odd charges of hypocrisy. I've been looking in vain for a clear statement from the jacket's designer what the message means, if anything. Kind of like walking through the Art Institute's modern wing, wondering what the stuff there means.

All of the coverage seems to focus on what the message meant for Trump, and virtually all of it is nasty speculation--thin gruel, in other words.

Said  in Elle,

It's not just "a jacket," as Grisham would like us all to believe. It's a crystal clear statement on this administration's utter lack of humanity and decency. It's a reflection of who she and her husband truly are.

 in the New Yorker concluded, "Trump went to the border to perform compassion. Her clothes, with their literally literal denial of empathy, did not give a damn."


So, here's what we are to believe from these and other comments: Melania Trump decided to announce to the world that her trip to see the children was a hoax. That she intended to make herself appear to be a lying fool.

But, why would anyone, including someone crazy enough to be married to Donald Trump, do that?

I still don't know what it meant, nor do I care. But for those breathless commentators: Take a break. Take a pill. Take something.

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    I disagree with you on this one, Dennis. Melania Trump has an acute sense of the implications of her clothing choices, especially on such a public venture. She also cannot but be aware of how her every move is scrutinized and of the hostile media reaction to her and her husband. That message of “i really don’t care do u” was directed at that media. It was her way of showing them an extended middle finger.

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