Report: Chicago still America's most corrupt city

That's not news. But a new report confirms what we've long know, but which again demonstrates that the Democrats who control Chicago not only don't care, but also are who are mostly responsible for the corruption.

In it's "Continuing Corruption in Illinois," authored by UIC professor and former alderman Dick Simpson and others, Illinois was named as the third most corrupt state, although I can't imagine any state more corrupt. 

It says:

From 1976 to 2016, a total of 1,706 individuals have been convicted of public corruption in the Federal Judicial District, which includes Chicago and the Northern third of Illinois. The entire state has had over 2,000 corruption convictions during the same time period. Few city agencies or state government offices have been free of scandal and public corruption in Chicago has been endemic to the city’s and the state’s political culture for more than150 years.

 Well yes, Republicans had their share of corruption on the state level when they were in power, but the corruption that the Democrats have inflicted upon Chicago has been so long-lived and deep that it has become an existential part of the city's governance. It's taken for granted and just another line item that's part of doing business with Chicago.

There's the greed of the Democrat politicians who milk the city for more than it is worth. There are the public employee unions whose contracts have locked the city (and county and suburbs and state) into cash cows for its leaders and members. There are the contractors and businesses that keep their lines of "communication" open with the dispensers of public moons  with generous campaign donations. There are the liberal ideologues who turn a blind eye to the corruption because they are made blind by the hysterical and nonsensical fear that conservatives would turn the city into a "Handmaid's Tale" nightmare. There are the legions of payrollers whose hold on  empty-desk jobs depends on herding sheep to the polls. There are the race and victimhood overlords who benefit from the plantations they've created by persuading people that they must depend on government for everything.

Pundits years ago wrote that the Chicago Democrat machine was dead, replaced by pin-strip patronage and--what?--a gestalt that honesty was the best public policy? The Democrat machine is as alive and well as it ever was--a consortium of grabbers, boolders, gonifs and thieves like America has never seen anywhere else.

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  • Part of the problem is we consider corruption trendy. I have often heard people speak about it with near pride that we have such slick politicians. "Everybody does it," and other excuses flow like water in the Nile. Voters seem to not care. When I do hear of a politician running as a reformer, what I really hear is someone saying "I want my piece of the action."

  • This was the better of the articles on Corruption in this city and state. I had to laugh when you mentioned 1706 cases of corruption since 1976, I would have definitely said more.. Considering we all remember the following people, Reynolds, Blago, Jackson, Ryan, Maltese, Vrdolyak, and of course others that should be added, that are still holding public jobs and offices in this city and state and county.

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