Rising panic in Trump's Oval Office over Mueller

Don't know anything inside about Donald Trump's fight with special counsel Robert Mueller, but from all the external signs, it sure seems like the president thinks that Mueller is closing in on Trump in the Russian investigation.

A sign of increasing panic is Trump's renewed attack Sunday on Mueller's objectivity, claiming that his team is loaded with Democrats. He tweeted: "Why does the Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans? Another Dem recently added ... does anyone think this is fair? And yet, there is NO COLLUSION!" Another sign is  Trump's personal attorney personal lawyer, John Dowd, saying that the special counsel's investigation should be stopped. 

As a conservative, I'm with Mueller (no matter how many Democrats he was working for him. I'd

Feeling the heat.

Feeling the heat.

be more worried if his team were all Republicans.). Trump's ratcheting up his attacks can only be a sign that Mueller is closing in. The latest is Mueller team's interview of the just fired  FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who asked about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, according  to CNN.  McCabe knows something, although he may have been little more than a "kill-themessenger" target when he briefed Trump on the investigation a year ago. 

It's time for Republicans to stand up and let Trump know that he's not going to jack around the process or the American public. They can take their lead from Sen. Lindsey Graham who said on CNN's State of the Nation Sunday, "As I said in the past, if he tried to do that [fire Mueller], that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency. The only reason that Mr. Mueller could be dismissed is for cause. I see no cause when it comes to Mr. Mueller," adding he though Mueller was "doing a good job." Beginning of the end? No, it would be closer to the end of his presidency.

Trump's soft spot regarding Russia goes as far back as his presidential campaign when he inexplicably sidestepped questions about the expansionist nation being a security threat to the United States. It can't be denied; it reminds me of the  early days of the Cold War when the United States had to deal with an earlier version of Vladimir Putin--Joseph Stalin, the murderous communist dictator of the USSR.

If Trump cares a wit about the issues that got him elected, he would cease his attacks now and let the chips fall. If he's as innocent as he says, he's got nothing to worry about. But he can't leave it alone because he is some kind of psychopath. It would be much better for conservative or Republican causes if he were gone and Vice President Michael Pence took over. Or, falling that, Graham challenges Trump in the next election.




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  • Good article Dennis

  • Since both Trump and Pence won by cheating, shouldn't Paul Ryan be our next President? Just askin'!

  • Well summarized. Thank you.

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