Fire every last leerer and grabber

Every last sexual harasser that is unearthed, worms that they are, must be fired. Whether in the government, private sector, military,  church or anywhere else . That includes anyone who protects them, whether it is a cardinal, general, CEO or the Poseur-in-Chief Donald Trump. Trump, being a



leerer, grabber and a harasser, most of all. Trump who can't seem to find the words to protect women from these creeps, so he has to have someone write them for him and pressure him to say them. Disgraceful.

This goes for Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, too. And it goes for all of Madigan's enablers: The Democrat legislators who kiss his ass and who have been voting for him to the be speaker lo these many years. It will be interesting when it comes time for another vote for speaker if the Democrats fall in line again or whether they stand up for women they say they represent best. The same test also goes for when it comes time to elect a new chairman of the Illinois Democrat Party. Any Democrat for votes for this autocrat is a hypocrite.

Here I thought--naive that I am--I had seen the last of these jerks in high school, where bragging about "getting some" was, de rigueur, a morning exercise. I thought the last I saw of it was in the military. In the rest of my professional life, I saw nothing more about it. Maybe I hung out in the wrong crowd. Maybe I lived in a cocoon. 

But now I'm tired of hearing about it. Not because the media are overplaying it. I'm tired of hearing that so many men are losers who think they have to trick or extort they way into a bed. That are so stupid that they think that women will fall for anyone who exposes himself. That are so desperate they need to install a button under their desk to keep women around. These men (?) are pathetic in the extreme. Perhaps self-loathing can explain their destructive behavior. Maybe it's the sexually infused culture. Maybe its a corruption of the true meaning of being a man. Maybe it's a synapse gone haywire.

Whatever the explanation, we don't want them among us anymore. Just go away. Or, better yet, go to jail.

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  • The President of the United States says that if a man proclaims his innocence, you have to listen to him.

    That, of course includes this particular president.

    There is no crime or transgression which gets caught and punished 100% of the time.

    Mike Madigan may be a scumbag, but he is far from unique in that category.

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