Oprah for President? Bring it on

Lot's of people would love to see Oprah Winfrey take on President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. They believe that Trump would thump Oprah. They might be right: A rich, liberal  candidate from the coast? Democrats already had one of those and look what it got them: Trump.  Trump says he would be glad to take on Oprah.

 (Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune)

(Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune)

Of course, Trump's supporters ought to be careful. Hardly anyone except them thought that Trump could beat Hillary Clinton. Do they really want to predict, as Clinton's supporter's did, that the other candidate has no chance of winning? The art of predicting has become so muddled that anyone who does it is out of his mind.

As John Kass points out, all Oprah has to do is hold out her hand and star-struck Democrats will hand her the nomination. Certainly disappointing, as Clinton did, more experienced younger party loyalists who have been patiently waiting their turn in the belief they'd get their chance after the Clinton campaign debacle.

Personally, I'd hate to see  Trump's and Oprah's names pop up on the 2020 ballot. Haven't we learned how difficult it is for anyone inexperienced in politics to government effectively? It has taken Trump a year or more to catch on to how democracies work. With compromises.

And with the nation divided as it is, why do we need to look to Hollywood of all places for leadership? (Democrats: See Ronald Reagan.)  Of course, Oprah will have this going for her: Anyone who opposes her automatically will be smeared as a racist and misogynist.

Can we really go through all this again?




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  • Oprah may replace an alleged sexual abuser with a sexual abuser enabler --herself.

  • Explain.

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