A vote against Presence Health was a vote against African American women's health care

Before the final 31-18 vote Wednesday in which the Chicago City Council approved a $5.6 million tax subsidy for Presence Health a  to help pay for its downtown corporate headquarters, its opponents ripped it as a unforgivable assault on women's health.

Even though as part of the deal Presence would open desperately needed health clinics in four African American neighborhood starved for health care services.  

As Joe Moore, alderman from the far north lakefront Rogers Park 49th ward, explained on his website  he applauded Mayor Rahm Emanuel's

 efforts to entice health care providers to open clinics in neighborhoods where local health services are scare,I could

Ald. Joe Moore (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune)

Ald. Joe Moore (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune)

not in good conscience vote to use tax dollars to support a medical provider that denies women patients basic reproductive health care services.[Emphasis in the original.]

Moore, as others who voted against the deal, were referring to the Catholic Church's directives banning abortions on demand and other "reproductive services" in its many health and social service agencies

But by voting against the deal,  Moore and the others were choosing for the women in those communities to have no health services. Those under-served South and West sides neighborhoods include Avondale, Belmont-Cragin, Calumet Heights and West Town.

In other words, the choice was between some health services and no health services. In other words, it's better for the women in those communities to have no health services than to have services for a whole host of badly needed health services. In other words, it's more important that we, the objectors, preserve our ideological, pro-choice purity than provide real world help for in-need women, children and men.

Thus the definition of boneheaded and  stubborn. Insensitive and cruel.

Presence Holy Family Medical Center in Des Plaines, Illinois

Presence Holy Family Medical Center in Des Plaines, Illinois

Look, Presence, in addition to its dozen hospital also provides a raft of other health services throughout northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana. It has made its policy clear; they refer patients out for elective abortions.

It's not like Presence is denying anyone an abortion. Quite the contrary, abortions are available elsewhere. But the alternatives to the many services that Presence provides don't exist.

Unless, of course, Planned Parenthood, Illinois Personal Pac, NARAL Pro-choice America and other rigid, fringe anti-life* ideologues step up and provide all those services themselves. Catholics, those heartless troglodytes, support health and social service agencies all across America and the world. Much of the resources for these vital services come out of the pockets of Catholics, the faithful who believe strongly in Christ's commandant, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

That 13 alderpersons voted against the deal shows just how successful the radical pro-choice forces have been in strong-arming elected officials in backing the unpopular radical agenda of Planned Parenthood and the other dogmatics. Especially so, when polls consistently show that most Americans do not agree with the ideologues stance that any kind of abortion should be available for any reason at any time.

If some pro-lifers refuse to compromise, then the Presence opposition is just one more example of the harsh and cruel consequences of the absolute pro-choice crowd.

*If pro-lifers can be labeled as "anti-choice," then why can't pro-choices be described as "anti-life" because, after all, they do support the destruction of human life as a "choice."



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