They're picking on poor Rex Huppke

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke has revealed in a clever piece that  conservative, right-wing, Republican meanies are sending nasty notes to him because he writes liberal opinion pieces. As if conservatives were the only ones who strike out at columnists they don't agree with.

Apparently talking about all the mean mail he gets is one of Rex's regular features. (Here.) It makes for an easy column. And it happens to every columnist--right or left.



Having started writing op-ed column columns for the Chicago Sun-Times more than 30 years ago, I was  tagged as a liberal columnist, which I was. But as I increasingly objected to "progressives" shifting the Democratic Party into rigid, accept-no-dissent positions on such issues as the protection of human life, I got tagged as a conservative, which I became. Having witnessed the war from from both sides, I can testify that both sides have their share of blockheads and numb nuts.

At one time or another, I have been accused of writing "drivel." I was often informed that I was responsible for a cancelled subscription. From both sides came demands that I be fired. "How can the (Sun-Times) (Tribune) run a columnist as (stupid) (evil) (mean) (etc.) as Dennis Byrne?"  Threats came in occasionally, once against my family. Some jerk--a pal of Rahm Emanuel when he was organizing and funding Democratic congressional candidates--posted a Googled picture of my house, ridiculing me for being a rich suburbanite luxuriating poolside. Except it was a house I had moved out of years earlier and the pool belonged to the next door neighbor. The topper was a clipping of my column that someone used as toilet paper.

Of course, I now will be told that everything I write, whether from the right or the left viewpoint, is drivel. Fair comment, that.

So, get used to it, Rex. Enjoy. The fan mail is fun. But let's not pretend that conservatives are the only ones spitting venom.


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  • I agree. There are blockheads on BOTH sides of the political divide. The basic distinction between the two sides is that, by and large, conservatives are more organized in their "spewing of venom". I'm not annoyed that they DO it, I'm just annoyed that they're so good at it!

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