Wait, global warming isn't killing the polar bears?

For all the sirens going off about how global warming (sorry, climate change) is threatening polar bears, it seems they have been thriving. So much so that they no longer are a ubiquitous symbol for atmospheric warming.

Read about it in Fat polar bears [and lots of them] drive public confidence in future of the species in Polar Bear Science:

What is causing the death of the polar bear as a climate change icon? Fat bears are part of it, but mostly it’s the fact that polar bear numbers haven’t declined as predicted.

Western Hudson Bay polar bears around Churchill, Manitoba appear mostly in good shape this summer despite the very late freeze-up last fall, including the very fat bear caught on camera below (see more great pictures here).

Not only have we been seeing pictures of fat bears rather than starving bears in recent years but there are lots of them, in Western Hudson Bay and other seasonal sea ice regions where there should be none (if the models had been correct). No wonder polar bears are falling out of favour as an icon for catastrophic human-caused global warming.

Why is this happening? The extinction of the polar bear was one more article of faith that the anti-science global warming alarmists have demanded that everyone accept without question. That's because the demise of the polar was predicted on models--the same method used to predict that global warming is a certainty. As the Polar Bear Science article states:

...the models that  predicted catastrophe for polar bears due to diminished summer sea ice turned out to be wrong.

Now, if there is reason to doubt the polar bear modeling, doesn't a fair-minded, objective person have the same cause to place some doubt in the global warming modeling? Clearly, there are many, many more variables that have to be factored into the global warming model. Factors that are not so clearly understood, such as cloud formation.

Here is an example of the certitude with which it was predicted that "Climate Change May be a Death Sentence for Polar Bears":




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  • You neglected to tell us that the zoologist you reference is paid by the Koch brothers.

  • Gee, shame on me. I didn't look it up. But it seems that plenty of other evidence supports the conclusion. Do you disagree?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    The Lord is wreaking his revenge on Texas. Ask the fleeing denizens of Corpus Christi what they think about climate change.

    Another inconvenient truth fot Silentman.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    "Plenty of other evidence"? Please elucidate.

  • fb_avatar

    NOVA on PBS gets funding from the Koch charities so BS is on the payroll too?

  • In reply to Jill Marie:

    Yes, and as U.S. News reported, "Consider public television, which has reportedly received more than $23 million from the Kochs in the last decade. David Koch's affiliation with two of the Public Broadcast System's flagship TV stations, WNET in New York and Boston's WGBH, has caused more than one headache for the station and PBS in general."
    Critics believe that Koch's presence led PBS to drop a 2012 documentary, "Citizen Koch."

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I figured public television pimps itself (note about any carpenter or cooking show uses the sponsor's products), but I guess even it has limits.

    Also, the blogger suddenly seems real concerned about the South Side, but I don't recall him saying anything about the Koch Brothers company dumping petcoke there. Must have been o.k.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Actually I misread your post,, the self pimping doesn't.

  • In reply to jack:

    If Koch money can get PBS to drop a documentary, think of what it can do for an adjunct professor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, who also runs an animal bone identification consulting firm.

  • According to the National Weather Service, 25 inches of rain in Houston and 25 more inches to come. Yet we haven't yet seen here the Koch Brothers' Research Institute's explanation. Curious!

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