The bio-chemistry of sex, love, gender differences and abortion

I learned stuff about the bio-chemistry of sex, love and gender differences that never ever occurred to me from Vicki Thorn. 

Who's that? From a press release from her recent appearance here:

Thorn is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage & Family at the Catholic University of America. Her work on the biology of bonding and attraction is informing the dialogue about sexuality and abortion. She has studied the research about the chemical and cellular complexities that transpire when a woman becomes pregnant. Thorn explains how every woman carries in her body the cells of every child that has been conceived in her womb. This phenomenon is known as microchimerism. Studies have shown that during an abortion, more cells from the baby transfer to the mother than during a full-term pregnancy and delivery.

Did you know, for example, that men can more easily pick out true north than women?

Here are three videos of her delving into the science. On the first, she discusses how she got interested in it; at about 16 minutes, she starts to get into the science, some of which you might have heard. The new stuff is on videos 2 and 3.




If you are pro-choice or you ignored the Catholic sponsorship, thank you for getting this far. I'm not a bio-chemist, obviously, but I did find it interesting and not based on ideology or anyone's religious dogma. Thorn appeared on July 28 at the Lake County (Illinois) Right to Life Benefit Banquet.

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    I had the privilege to interview Vicki a few years ago. She started the first compassionate outreach to those hurt by abortion after walking through that grief with a friend forced to abort at age thirteen to cover incest. She's a true trailblazer

  • Being an "Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology" hardly makes Thorn an authority on anything. Her credentials from John Paul II Institute are no different than the tobacco industry "experts" who came forward over and over again to tell us that cigarettes do not cause cancer.

    If your objections to abortion are religious, just be honest and stick with that. Don't pretend their based on scientific research and then tell us that global warming is a hoax.

    Even if there is "scientific" evidence supporting an unborn zygote's right to life, it is still not up to the government (old white men) to make that decision for women who don't want to have a baby, for whatever reasons.

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