Where are the defenders of Chicago's parks?

Two huge assaults on Chicago's historic park system are under way and who the hell seems to care?

There's the combination of two public, historic and affordable golf courses--South Shore and Jackson Park--into a single, high-end, probably expensive courses designed by Tiger Woods that will most likely shut out the the Chicagoans who can't afford to play there.

Jackson Park before it is despoiled.

Jackson Park before it is despoiled.

And there's the President Obama library that will gobble up and despoil the beautifully designed Jackson Park itself.

Just about all we hear are stories about how wonderful it will be. How it will be a boon for the people who most need help.


The city's establishment is rushing through public hearings, scheduling one in a place that could only hold 75 people, thereby shutting out people who objected to the plans. As if the city would listen to any objections anyway.

Maybe the defenders of Chicago's parks and lakefront against this destructive intrusion into the ground-breaking parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and others are making a lot of noise about this assault, and it just isn't getting covered by the media.

Yes, there are a few objections being heard such as "Will Tiger Woods golf course displace South Shore Nature Sanctuary?" and "The hazards of combining Jackson Park, South Shore golf courses."

But aside from that,  why is it up to a suburbanite--me--to scream about this desecration?




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  • I don't recall anyone proposing making Jackson Park into a private country club. In that South Shore once was, that proves it wouldn't work. I don't think those paying $100-150 for a tee time at The Glen Club are going to take 2 Metra rides (or Metra and the #6 CTA bus) to get to 67th Street (nor park their Jaguars on 67th).As discussed, the worst impact will be on traffic between LSD and Stony Island.

  • In reply to jack:

    I do have to amend my remarks in that there is a Tribune column that the greens fees may increase. On the other hand, there isn't a change in use as a golf course is already there, so there is no legal basis for the Friends of the Park to do anything.

  • Nobody can object to anything Obama without being labeled a racist. Just the way it is. Same thing when he was president.

    Olmsted is a dead white guy, besides.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    So Chef, are you in favor of the Tiger Woods golf course? Or if you are against it, what are your principled objections not based on race?

    O, excuse me, I forgot that you don't have any convictions and won't come back to defend your inane position just posted.

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  • In reply to Micheal45:

    Geez, the same international telephone code as the Benin bank scam. Do you have to resort to lottery fraud because Ban Ki Moon and James Comey no longer work for you?

    Maybe Chef will call you though. He needs all the help he can get. But I guess not from a black guy.

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