Yet another assault on American history by Donald Trump

There he goes again (as President Ronald Reagan often said of his critics), this time Donald Trump asserting that he is the victim of the "single greatest witch hunt" ever against U.S. presidents.

One thing most likely true is he is the president who is most ignorant ever about American history. It didn't take long for Trump to follow up on his latest gaff about whether (a dead) President Andrew Jackson could have stopped the Civil War.

As  John DeMarchi noted about previous presidents:

Examples—off the top of my head—of crazy talk throughout American history:

George "the traitor" Washington.

George "the traitor" Washington.

George Washington was derided as despotic; Abraham Lincoln was an ape, the devil himself during the Civil War; Woodrow Wilson wanted to subvert American freedom for a world government; FDR was reviled as a socialist; JFK was a Catholic who wanted to subvert America to Vatican guidance; Jimmy Carter was an appeaser; Reagan a Soviet-obsessed war-mongerer, hell-bent on accelerating Armageddon with the "evil empire" of the USSR; Bill Clinton an architect of America's moral depravity and slouching toward Gomorrah; George W. Bush was a simpleton, hell-bent on destroying America by imperial overreach in foreign lands; and so on.

DeMarchi was responding to the often strained criticism that President Barack Obama hated America, but the list of presidents who were criticized worse than Trump is extensive.

There are presidents who faced impeachment (lord knows that if Trump continues on his present path, he could become one of them). Just look at what the first president George Washington (a genuine American hero because he "wasn't captured") had to endure:

At the time of his inauguration, George Washington was described in almost universally glorified terms by the national presses. However, by the end of the President's first term, hostile newspaper writers were attacking the administration's domestic and foreign policy. These attacks escalated in Washington's second term into personal attacks questioning his integrity, republican principles, and even military reputation. While the harsh attacks may have initially backfired on Washington's political opponents, the President's bad press signified the opening of a new type of political force, and one that had significant effects on the course of the Washington presidency.

Considering Trump's governmental bungling and his disastrous failure of how self-government, the political process and the Constitution work, his ignorance of U.S. history shouldn't come as a surprise.

The appointment of  former FBI Director Robert Mueller to lead the investigation of Russian interference in American politics and any connections between the Trump campaign and Russia are completely justified. Trump's squealing like stuffed pig notwithstanding.


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  • Yet you did not cite any of Chef's sources.

  • In reply to jack:

    Nice to see that despite it all I am still living rent free in your head. Jack, read the article again, it's not about me.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    As AW said, your bill is coming due.

  • Also with respect to OF's special counsel tweet, I seem to remember Bill Clinton having about 8 years of one.

  • This is totally sharable .. (to invent a word)

  • We knew of Donald Trump's ignorance of both government and American history. We knew he was a racist. We knew he was a serial groper of women. And yet the Republican Party nominated him as their standard bearer for the Presidency of the United States and Republican voters robotically marched off to the polls to elect him.

    I'd say we got JUST what we deserved!

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