Stupid GOP about to hand a couple victories to progs

Here's a message to the stubborn Republicans who seem willing to hand hard-left progressives a couple of victories on health care reform and the budget:

You can't govern with 30-some votes.

And your failure to govern is going to bring down the Republican Party and hand the government's reins back to the likes of Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The Freedom Caucus in particular is willing to bring down the entire Republican Party because

Alexander Hamilton would be appalled.

Alexander Hamilton would be appalled.

it is not yielding to the caucus' demands. "Abolish Obamacare" is a simple-minded alternative to getting down to the hard work of agreeing on a reasonable compromise that will actually help Americans deal with their most critical health problems.

"Well," the response goes, "my constituents sent me to Washington to drain the swamp. To not allow politics as usual to run things." Forgetting all along that "politics as usual" means that stubborn people on both the right and the left have refused to budge, as  governing in a republic requires. Because "Hamilton" has become such a popular icon, I'd remind folks of the role that Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father and co-author of the Federalist Papers, played in the Compromise of 1790.

Please spare the rest of us your certitude and uncompromising principles. If you fear your constituents rising up against you, so be it. Considering the abject ignorance of so many Americans about how their republican form of government is supposed to work, it's a possibility that you'll have to accept if you are as principled as you claim.

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  • Ah, Dennis, there you go again, being reasonable. Don't you know that's QUITE out of fashion in politics nowadays. It's rule or ruin with an emphasis on ruin!

  • It's not clear which of several factions of Republicans you are criticizing, or if any have any principles.

    What the Freedom Caucus has done is said they meant it when they said repeal it. That doesn't give the progressives a victory unless somehow Democrats can win in places like Texas and Kentucky, which is about as likely as me defeating Mike Madigan.

    If anyone is responsible, it is people like Boehner and Ryan, who supported House rules that made the majority subservient to the Freedom Caucus, and whatever makes Ryan think that he can't approach the other side of the aisle, even though someone did to get the partial year budget passed. The stories in the news are whether Ryan can dig up 218 votes on anything on health care from solely the Republican side of the aisle before the next two week recess---not whether anything proposed would be "much much better." If that's what defines mainstream Republican principles, they are hollow.

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