Truth: Job-hopping is the only way to get promoted

Crain's Chicago Business conducted a Chicago survey that revealed that employees have come to believe that job hopping is the only way to get ahead.

hoppingIt's what employers get and deserve for no longer being loyal to their employees. So much for loyalty.

I know from my own experience is that the only way I got ahead was to switch jobs. Ironically, it led to a nice offer from the original employer to return. The only job hop that didn't benefit me was when the selective service was hot on my trail and I joined the Navy. Sometimes, it seems, that good employees don't get the promotions they deserve because they are too "valuable" in the job that they are doing. It's when "there's nobody who can do the job as you" sounds hollow.

This can't be a good thing. Employers seem content to be hiring inexperienced people for jobs because it's cheaper, instead of trying to retain good workers and rewarding them.

After thought: Sometimes job hopping is the only alternative, like when the business you're working for goes under. I shutdown one newspaper and worked for two others that went bankrupt. In the Navy, in less than four years, decommissioned one ship and one air station. Also, I got merged out of a job when my company was taken over by another. Oh, and my high school (St. George in Evanston) shut down. You best keep your distance.

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  • There is, of course, a whole lot more of what you said in your last paragraph these days. Also solvent companies that basically tell the employees to become independent contractors, because the "numbers are not good" even though the company is making 90% margin.

    I'll. give you an example of job hopping that works, even if one doesn't have a job.My nephew enrolled in engineering, but washed out and went to business school for essentially financial engineering. He interviewed at companies A and B, told company A that B offered him more (even though it hadn't) and then got an even better offer from A. A was sold and closed in about 4 years, but he got his bonus from the former owner and severance from the latter, and another job doing the same thing. He certainly learned something in business school, although not necessarily the services his employers were purveying.

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