Mike Pence the most liked American politician

A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll find that Vice President Mike Pence is the most popular politician in America.

penceOnly Mike Pence scored a net positive rating, with 47% of those surveyed saying they had a generally favorable impression of him and 35% a mostly unfavorable one. The rest were undecided. That 11-point advantage sets him apart from everyone else on the survey, including his boss. Trump's favorable rating has improved a bit since our December poll, but it's still narrowly in negative territory: 45% favorable, 47% unfavorable.

That said, Trump is faring much better than his 2016 Democratic opponent. Hillary Clinton's favorability rating is now 35%-55%, a 20-point deficit that is 7 points worse than views of her soon after the election.

He's a conservative member of the Republican establishment. What does that tell you?

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  • I think it's axiomatic in politics, or at least it should be, "He who lives by the poll, dies by the poll!".

  • Polls in all or most of 2016 had the Democratic candidate being the probable winner in the Presidential election.
    Those numbers were very skewered so are any that show Pence the arbitrator of Women's reproduction and health as being favorable.

  • The only thing that can be said is "compared to whom." Probably compared to the person those voters hope he succeeds in maybe 7 months.

    Certainly not compared to Obama's numbers.after March 2016, when he suddenly got very high approval numbers. Maybe those numbers are like the Big Yellow Taxi: "That you don't know what you've got 'Till it's gone."

    BTW, I didn't think Hillary Clinton was in office at the moment, or maybe I, unlike the respondents, didn't read The Globe. Thus, as E.F. indicates, the results are skewed.

  • Reinforcing my view is the lead-in to the linked USA Today article, which certainly isn't your headline:

    "In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Americans say they have mostly unfavorable impressions of just about everybody on a list of public figures and institutions — except, that is, for the vice president ...Only Mike Pence scored a net positive rating,"

    And, of course "Congress does the worst of all. By 2-1, Americans give Congress a thumbs-down: 52% have an unfavorable impression, just 26% a favorable one." I guess 24% don't know what Congress is. They at least admit it with regard to Elizabeth Warren.

  • In reply to jack:

    Okay, a new headline: Mike Pence is the least unliked politician.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    I accept that. But given that Pence only got 47%, while Obama was running in the high 50s in his last year, doesn't say much for the state of politics and politicians today.

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