How much was it worth for Fox to dump Bill O'Reilly?

Word is that Fox paid the Bill O'Reilly tens of millions of dollars, perhaps $25 million to rid themselves of the adolescent, hormonal sex fiend.

Was it worth it?

Hell, yes. Maybe even more, a lot more, if that's what it would have taken. Although I agreed with many of his conservative viewpoints, I couldn't stand the sight of this arrogant, pompous man. Then all those allegations and payoffs about him subjecting women to his gross attentions showed up, and there was even more to abhor.

Conservatives should be delighted that he got canned. Or at least the kind of conservatives who embraced the social kind that stood up for morality and the good life (good, as in a good person). The kind that loathed former President Bill Clinton who turned the White House into a sexual playground and view President Donald Trump's escapades with disgust. Seems that wing of conservatism has been put on the shelf.

Some conservatives of the other type will see a liberal conspiracy in O'Reilly's dismissal.  That, of course, would imply that Rupert Murdoch did liberals' bidding. See, and they say that conservatives and feminists--who hailed the departure--couldn't bridge the gap.

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  • The "liberal conspiracy" comes from that the NYT blew the whistle. Obviously, Lachlan and James didn't care much until the pressure was put on to get rid of Ailes, and then this followed.

    I'm sure the only bottom lien was the "unsold inventory" during the 8 p.m. ET hour.* If the advertisers left him and didn't put the ads in other day parts, some say the ratings didn't matter.
    *Reminds me of when my father said of some Ray Rayner show with Speedy Gonzales, "they're running all those contests to prove they have viewers because now there are no ads."

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