Bill O'Reilly, serial pig

Just looking at this arrogant, serial pig creeps me out. I often agree with his political views and he has co-written some readable popular history, but his pomposity makes me gag. Just as does Rush Limbaugh's iron-clad certitude and righteousness. Conservatives can do better then these two. And they better.

So now comes news that sponsors are abandoning O'Reilly in droves because of the continuing allegations of sexual harassment. Fox has reportedly paid some $13 million to settle the claims, but we are to believe that it's not hush money; it's just a wise investment to protect victim O'Reilly from greedy women plotting to take advantage of his good looks and attractive personality. O'Reilly's show is a cash cow, and it will be interesting how long Fox will tolerate seeing it turn into red ink before making him a weatherman, if that.

Here's how one woman describes her experience with this dirt-bag. I strongly encouraging you watch the whole thing and see if it reminds you of someone.

While I listened to Ms. Walsh describe about how he tried to ease her into his hotel room, another Bill popped into mind: Bill Clinton. Another serial pig. Demonstrating that how sexual harassers are equal opportunity practitioners when it comes to political party.  I just regret that the kind of outrage that now is threatening to inundate O'Reilly would had also been heaped on Bill Clinton. But then....

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  • 1. Bill Clinton got impeached, and had to settle civil and criminal actions, so if he "got off" he didn't get off legally or in the court of public opinion.
    2. Conservatives can do better? I doubt it. I gave up on Rush about the time of his serial marriages and divorces, well before the oxycontin procurement charges. Don't forget O'Reilly worked for Ailes. But, as The Quark points out today, maybe the alternative is a Bible thumper like Pence, who can't be with a woman other than if accompanied by his wife, but as the linked story states, appropriates his campaign fund for personal purposes like he was Jesse Jackson Jr. At least JJJr claims to be bipolar and is getting help (not that that's really the Sun-Times's business).

  • 1. Impeached, but not convicted and removed from office as any sexual predator should have been. Then there are the hundreds of millions of dollars for books, speeches, etc. Poor Bill.
    2. As if the Democrats had better leaders waiting in the wings. I see that the trial balloons for Chelsea already are being floated for 2020. Lead balloons, that is.
    3. If a third party had been at the table when O'Reilly applied his "charm" on Ms. Walsh, maybe she would have avoided his assholeness.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    1. Except you forget Newt. The solution was supposedly Hastert, who then was caught for "paying a confidential settlement" to a wrestler for pulling his winkie. In short, the main issue, other than inability to come up with 67 votes in the Senate, was that his accusers lacked moral standing themselves.
    2. Not relevant to this discussion, and it looks like Jared and Ivanka are running the country already. Daddy appears too incoherent to do so.
    3. I have no argument with that.It seems as though Fox News has a casting couch, just as William H. Cosby, Jr. Ed.D. had.

  • You I and I are singing from the same hymnal on this one.

  • He was no match for troubled Waters.

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