New report finds some polar bear populations are not declining

If we can put aside the emotional hysteria for a moment about how global warming is wiping out the polar bears, you might want to read this: Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears not ‘declining’ concludes new report:

Ursus maritimus (Wikimedia commons)

Ursus maritimus (Wikimedia commons)

The 2016 Scientific Working Group report on Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears was

released online without fanfare last week, confirming what local Inuit have been saying for years: contrary to the assertions of Polar Bear Specialist Group scientists,Baffin Bay and Kane Basinsubpopulations have not been declining but are stable.

Science, n'est-ce pas?

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    It's not science if different from the Global Warming narrative

  • Dennis, thank you for giving us an expert opinion on climate change from a professor whose field is the evolution of the dog. She also is being paid $750 a month by the Heartland Institute, a Conservative think tank that champions denial of climate change.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    How awful! Tsk. But what do you have to say about the substance of the report?

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