Evidence of illegal voting

Dare I challenge the given wisdom of most of my colleagues at ChicagoNow and suggest that voter fraud might be, well, at least just a tinsy-winsy problem?

Yes, I know that I'm supposed to believe that vote fraud virtually doesn't exist at all, based, I am led to believe by some social science "research." Yet, "fake news" like the--"Illegal Alien Voter Convicted in Texas is Tip of the Iceberg"--keeps popping up. Despite the ridicule that's heaped upon them. Why don't they just go away?

early-voteProgressives in Chicago used to frequently bemoan the amount of vote fraud that kept powering the Richard J. Daley Machine. They no longer do because, I assume, liberal Democrats have cleaned it all up. So, let's not bother to read the linked story because we've already made up our minds.

P.S. President Donald Trump's assertion that he lost the popular vote because millions of non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton is as ludicrous as the alt-left's assertion that voter fraud doesn't exist.


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  • I see you got back to Trump being ludicrous. If you think it is just progressives, Fox News Channel had a banner a couple of days ago about that his henchman's story that voters were bused into NH was "BUS-TED." However, the AP found that he was registered in 3 states. While this may indicate that the rolls need to be cleaned up, I remember all the methods used by the Chicago Board of Elections to make sure that registration applications of residents of Hyde Park were lost, and there weren't provisional ballots in those days. Nonetheless, DJT thanked the Blacks in Philadelphia for not voting, and all the voter suppression efforts are in Republican legislatures, which indicates the same thing.

  • I think you're headline should be, "Evidence of one illegal voter."

    These do not keep popping up. There is no massive or even minimal voter fraud. There is virtually no voter fraud.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Didn't take but a few minutes to find:

    But I guess that's only "virtual."

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:


    First, I can't make hide nor hair of that article about the Chicago vote.

    Second, regarding the second link this is via Snopes: "The paper was not a "Stanford Study," and its authors acknowledged their claims and research methodology had not been subject to any form of peer review or academic scrutiny."

    So essentially, it's worthless. May be true or may not be true, nobody knows.

    Third, neither of those situations have anything to do with the type of voter fraud that Donald Trump is alleging without evidence. That individuals are voting multiple times in a fraudulent way.

    Both your links seem to make the argument that there's a massive conspiracy by officials to commit election fraud.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Did I give any credit to a "Stanford Study?" For your "third," please note that I called Trump's claim "ludicrous." My post wasn't about that.

  • ACRU is not a particularly reliable source. They view themselves as a right wing alternative to the ACLU.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    So what? The ACLU is left wing. Does that nullify their legitimacy?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    ACLU is very legitimate--but as an effective advocate. Neither of us would ever cite them as authority for a factual assertion any more that we would assert a prosecutor's allegation as proof that a crime was committed.

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