Here are some Republican plans to replace Obamacare

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has again repeated the canard that Republicans have no plan to replace Obamacare (the misnamed Affordable Care Act).

In a way she is right: Republicans don't have a single plan; they have multiple plans. But that's not the way that Pelosi wants the uniformed to think. She wants them to think that the Republicans would just abolish Obamacare in one fell-swoop with nothing to replace it. Making grandma live in the guest room.

obamacareEven Republicans, who has recently showed a great deal of political ineptitude, aren't that stupid. They have several plans, but they haven't yet agreed on one. Which is as it should be. They'll be plenty of debate over the final plan's elements, unlike Obama's plan that was presented in one, huge choking gulp that no one understood. One that Pelosi said had to be passed first to find out what's in it.

If you're interested in what Republicans propose, it has been no state secret. It doesn't take a genius to find it on the internet. But here's a good round-up of the major elements as outlined by  reporter Stephanie Armour in the Wall Street Journal.

  • The return of high-risk pools
  • An end to mandated benefit requirements
  • Tax credits
  • Changes to Medicaid
  • Reliance on health savings accounts
  • Selling insurance across state lines

One thing that Republicans cannot promise to do, however, is to significantly reduce the cost of health care and health insurance. Both sides like to make this promise but the reality is that except for biting off some expenses around the edges, medical costs will continue to go up. Just like college expenses, I guess.

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  • "Medical costs will continue to go up" Wasn't this one of the greatest reasons Trump was going to 'repeal and replace it on Day One?
    How did that nonsensical promise work out for you?

    BTW Romneycare, I mean Obamacare, was originally proposed by the conservative Heritage think tank. But, heavens, the Republicans quit liking it because Obama put his fingers on it.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Here is the reality for those who are not on a union plan, large employer plan or public union plan: medical costs and premiums for health care have rocketed up under ObamaCare.

    Self-employed, such as myself, found that our policies were deemed "unlawful" under ObamaCare. Why? Not because they were so-called "garbage policies". Mine was BCBS-IL PPO. The "why" was because the coverage was more or less tailored to my needs. What I now had to do was to pay for the cost of covering pre-existing conditions for everyone and maternity for everyone, including me, if I happened to slip up and become pregnant.

    My premiums went up immediately by forty percent the first year of Obama Care, (under the new lawful) policy. And it kept going up, and I couldn't use my doctor anymore, unlike Obama promised over and over again. I was forced to take temporary policies; then those became illegal under the ACA. Now I pay really high premiums for private health care coverage with an extremely high deductible. I made too much money for ObamaCare, and I did not want you, Jerry, or my neighbor, paying for my health care coverage. Nor was their any guarantee that I would not be debited for the subsidies that I might have been eligible for, because of legal tax deductions for business.

    Part of Hillary's losing was the fact that many people were being mailed the same shock I was back in 2010 just in time for the election.

    You will face the same thing in the fall of 2017, unless the ACA is repealed, because the Obama waivers for unions, public unions and large employer paid plans will end.

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Your conclusion is misleading. Please refer to a Feb. 15, 2016 article in Forbes by John C. Goodman for an accurate history of the Heritage Foundation's policy contributions to the health care debate.

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    Having Grandma living with you is worse than having your adult children forced to live with you because they have no jobs and can't support themselves? at least Grandma has Medicare

  • I think both you and the Wall Street Journal know that there is no Republican ACA replacement plan. The reality, as most generously reported by the Chicago Tribune, is that the Republicans have "pledged to develop a replacement plan over the next several years."

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