GOP aimed to turn Congress into a version of the Chicago City Council

The Republican Party's effort to gut the independent office that investigates and prosecutes congressional ethics violations has the distinct smell of Chicago aldermen who canned the Independent Legislative Inspector and his office that probed Chicago City Council ethics violations.

cochranAs its first act and in secret, Republicans had planned to neuter the independent Office of Congressional Ethics and placing its job under the control of the lawmakers themselves. Of all the boneheaded, tin-eared moves on the part of Republicans, this takes the cake. Had they not heard the results of the last election in which anti-establishment Donald Trump won the presidency on the "drain the swamp" platform? Did they really think they could get away with this by endorsing this move in private?

Thankfully, Trump shamed the Republicans into suddenly reversing themselves, but the damage already has been done.

Good lord, it's as if Republicans were Democrats. At least the kind of Democrats that run Chicago's corrupt City Council. The Council that last year fired the legislative watchdog ,  because, well, he was getting too close to the sleaze. Among those who he was targeting was Ald. Willie Cochran, 20th, whom the feds new have, with Kahn's help, indicted for extortion and other Chicago Way practices. Cochran apparently was carrying on a venerable tradition as he was the third of the last four 20th ward aldermen to be indicted.


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    I think you're falling for the word "gut," a favorite of the leftwing media, and taking the changes out of context. If making due process for the accused part of Congressional ethics investigations is "gutting," then what do you think about campus tribunals that deny due process to men accused of sexual assault?

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    "Gut" is actually one of the few things Trump can't hide.

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    And the City Council wants to turn the entire State of ILLAnnoy into Chicago with at least 2 aldermen talking about running for governor...because what ILLAnnoy needs is a more Progressive government? higher taxes? more regulations?

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    Incoming HHS sec. Tom Price, MD, several years ago proposed an intelligent, practical plan to replace Obamacare. Instead of reading and reporting on it, however, MSM reporters have been content to repeat the falsehood that the GOP has no plan. Just take a couple minutes to review it without the NYT and WaPo telling you what to think:

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