Blame the Democrat Machine for the Chicago Police Department

Let's take it as the honest-to-God's truth  that everything in  U.S. Justice Department's report that damned  the Chicago Police Department  (I'm not saying that it is; I haven't read the 164-page tome), the next question is:

Who has been in charge of this stinking mess?

jod-reportFor about three quarters of a century, it's been the Chicago Democratic Machine. A whole line of machine politicians, from City Hall's fifth floor on down. The practitioners of the Chicago Way. The ones who have put personal enrichment ahead of the public good. The ones who have turned the city into a leaking boat that's about to sink.

So, when the Justice  Department says that Chicago cops haven't been given the proper training, that the instruction on use of force is outdated and doesn't conform to today's accepted practices, whose fault is that? The cadets in the police academy? Not hardly. The people who are running the show.

Who was responsible for not releasing the  video of the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald? Someone in the bowels of the Chicago Democratic Machine. Maybe Mayor Rahm Emanuel who was facing a re-election challenge. Maybe someone in the Law Department, either on his own or Emanuel's instruction, the person who, before the McDonald family even filed suit, settled with his family for $5 million with the stipulation that the video not be released.

Who is responsible for making sure that police are equipped with body cameras, tasers and the rest of the required technology? Who is responsible for promotion and training in the Police Department?

Let's see. Let me guess. George W. Bush?

Maybe we should blame Chicago voters who year after year turn over the operation of the city to incompetent, dishonest or corrupt Democrats. People and businesses that are paying the price--in higher taxes and unsafe neighborhoods. Who are fleeing the city and state in impressive numbers.

There's a lot of sorting out to do about the particulars of what has gone wrong over the years that has led to Chicago's current state: a police department under assault for unconstitutional action, murderous gangland warfare, a fiscal crisis that could make Detroit's look small. There's a lot to study in The Justice Department's "Investigation of the Chicago Police Department," but let's not lose sight of the forest for the trees. That this cesspool has been created by Democrats.

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  • Ultimately, it is the fault of the voters, some of the same voters who will respond to you and claim that the alleged actions of the CPD are the result of slavery or income inequality or climate change or, yes, George W. Bush.

    It won't even change after the default by Chicago and/or Illinois, because that attitude is encoded in the genes of this Blue Heaven.

  • You didn't spend much time on the police beat as a reporter, did you? If you had you would know that the Chicago police are quite non-partisan. They depend on the political party in control to supply the money, but they don't pay much attention to anyone outside the department as they conduct their operations or discipline their members.

    But we all know how much you enjoy bashing Democrats, so go at it.

  • Actually, I did spend time on the police beat back at the Chicago Daily News. And if you don't think that promotions, assignments, etc. are not subject to political influence then you are hopeless naive. Who else should be blamed for the problems other than the people who run it? Who else has been running it other than Democrats. Who should I blame, Republicans?

  • About 40 years ago?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    More like 50. Again, whom should I blame?

  • If we must blame someone, what about the police? The mayor and aldermen probably never passed a "code of silence." They probably never ordered Jon Burge or the detectives who modeled themselves on his success in gaining promotions for high conviction rates to get his convictions by torture. The mayor and aldermen probably never encouraged police officers to engage in racist stops and attacks.

    If the Department of Justice report is to help Chicago, we probably should be considering what must be changed more than who to blame.

  • The people responsible for the well-being of the city (i.e. the mayor) didn't know about the "code of silence?" Do you live in Keokuk? You must be one of those chumps who keep voting for the same people who have the city and the state in the toilet.

    Here's a similar view:

  • Of course you would cite John Kass as support for your partisan opinion. Like you, he finds a Democratic conspiracy behind everything. He condemns "politicians," among whom he includes Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney Zach Fardon and anyone else in government who disagrees with his right wing rants.

    You and Kass can sing in your chorus of condemnation, but we can expect little thoughtful from either of you. To use your term, you are both "chumps" who sing the same song over and over hoping we will all eventually hum along.

  • If anyone is interested in what the DOJ actually said, the report is available at:

    While the whole report is 164 pages long, the executive summary is only 16 pages. You can then go to the sections of the full report you consider important. I would particularly recommend the section on accountability which begins at page 46.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Gee, thanks for your help. But I posted the link in the first paragraph.

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