Donald Trump scorecard: He hits a home run with his nomination of Betsy DeVos as education secretary

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Just when you thought that progressives and the far left (they're the same) were calming down after the election of Republican Donald Trump as president, they have hurled themselves back into orbit over his nomination of Betsy DeVos as education secretary.

Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos

, an education professor writing in the Seattle Times, said she would be a "disaster for public education." The New York Daily News called her a "radical choice." DemocracyNow! declared her to be "Public (School) Enemy No. 1." Aaron Pallas, writing in the Washington Post, said the worst thing that DeVos could do was to use $20 billion of federal funds for block grants to states to instead support vouchers for poor children to attend private schools. Oh, the humanity!

Actually, that's the best thing that she could do. Vouchers for children to attend a school of their choice--public or private--would mean freedom of millions of students now prisoners of the self-serving  public school bureaucracy and teachers unions. That's really stoked some extreme left fires because it would mean that students could choose to attend Catholic and other parochial schools. Where they'd be better off. Or at least in a place that their parents believe is better for them.

It's worth a try, but outfits like the Chicago Teachers Union would have us believe that the Chicago Public Schools are their domain, of which they are the masters. Their hypocrisy is so transparent, their self-interest so obvious that it's hardly worth the time to label their "we're-doing-it-for-the-kids" baloney for what it is. How arrogant that as part of their latest strike-threatened extortion that they should demand and get a cap on the number of charter schools available to Chicago students. As if limiting the choices of parents and students is in their interest.

The fun is just beginning

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  • The ol' Karen Lewis reverse indicator, tried and true. If that 'fat lady' is singing blue then you know we're on the right track.

  • You are kidding, right? She has already severely damaged the public school system in her home state of Michigan and she intends to do that to every school system in the country. Have you got children, Dennis? I have a son at a CPS HS. He has special needs and an IEP. Do you know what that is, Dennis? If Betsy DeVos gets appointed and she has her way, her policies will most definitely affect every child at CPS with an IEP. Slam dunk? Hardly. Bloody disaster, if you ask me. We aren't all wealthy enough to send our children to private schools.

  • In reply to Leslie Kahn:

    I live in Michigan. How exactly did DeVos damage education here?

  • In reply to Leslie Kahn:

    I have a grand niece with an IEP in a public school. I am thankful for that. Other than a generalized dislike of DeVos, what do you think she'll do? Eliminate IEPs? To be more persuasive, you also might want to answer Rick's question.

  • In reply to Leslie Kahn:

    Don't liberals like you ever get sick of regurgitating your own talking points? It's the same crap. What are you implying? That she wants to ship all special needs kids to some remote island? do away w iep's? Do you realize where Iep funding comes from? Google it. Not the fed government. And not the state. The local government. So you somehow, without doing an ounce of research, make an uneducated (irony) statement that has no basis on fact. In reality she has almost nothing to do w IEPs. But that doesn't stop you from making ignorant statements.

  • Here is what I find amazing: Many people hold up Scandinavia as a model for what education ought to look like. Two interesting facts about Denmark: 1) there are unions for everything (including teacher unions) 2) they have school vouchers...the tax money follows the child.

  • Aside from the idea that education should not be federalized, with De Vos main job ideally being elimination the Dept of Education, anything that makes Karen Lewis shudder and quake an have nightmares is a fun thing.

  • fb_avatar

    I can say that I do not support Betsey de Vos but Donal Trump and she has a lot in common. They are very conservative and were born in rich families. Frankly speaking, I don’t understand where we go if today we still pay attention to other people’s race, skin color and sexual orientation still matters and affects certain things. I think we have to be more tolerant! However, tolerance is not what we can expect from Trump and his team. Diana from Briton Writers company.

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