Democratic lawmakers want to jump in line ahead of children, the sick and impoverished

There's no shame among Illinois Democratic lawmakers, who think they have a right to jump in line ahead of those most in need--children, the sick and impoverished. As departing Republican Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geisser Munge points out, Democrats have sued to get their paycheck before those more deserving.

Leslie Munger

Leslie Munger

Late this morning, on the last day of my administration, six Democrat lawmakers filed suit to ensure they are paid before the hospitals, schools, small businesses, human service organizations and others that are waiting in line for payment from the state.

Their action comes eight months after I implemented a policy requiring that all state elected leaders - myself included - be treated just like everyone else. How cowardly and self-serving that while they refused to challenge my action while I was in office, they are now going to Court when there will be a new Administration led by one of their own.

Today, our state has more than 126,000 unpaid bills totaling more than $10.3 billion and our office is paying invoices dating back to June 17. That means vendors throughout the state are waiting six months or more for payment they have been promised. We ended the month of October with just $10 million in cash available to pay down $8 billion in bills. Yet, these lawmakers are going to the Court to ask that they receive preferential treatment and get paid first. Literally every dollar counts in our ability to fund critical services -- and there are no words for my disgust and disappointment with this lawsuit.

Munger was defeated in her election bid last month by Democrat Susana Mendoza, a handmaiden of House Speaker Mike Madigan and the Democratic machine. Munger had been doing a good job of displaying Illinois' financial storm, but don't expect the same from Mendoza. Go along to get along, even as the state sinks beneath the waves. It takes balls.

The shameless, full-time Democratic legislators who filed the suit are: Emanuel “Chris” Welch of Hillside, Kate Cloonen of Kankakee, Lisa Hernandez of Cicero and Chicagoans Mary Flowers, Sonya Harper and Silvana Tabares.

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