Climate scientist bashed by group think for being a heretic

Even a climate scientist who has concluded that global warming is real and that human emissions of greenhouses gases justify a carbon tax can't escape the group think's auto-da-fé for even slightly disagreeing with the given wisdom.

Roger Pielke Jr. failed the climate alarmists' inquisition when he argued against the hypothesis that human-caused climate change has caused certain weather disasters. He said:

Roger Pielke Jr

Roger Pielke Jr

I believe climate change is real and that human emissions of greenhouse gases risk justifying action, including a carbon tax. But my research led me to a conclusion that many climate campaigners find unacceptable: There is scant evidence to indicate that hurricanes, floods, tornadoes or drought have become more frequent or intense in the U.S. or globally. In fact we are in an era of good fortune when it comes to extreme weather. This is a topic I’ve studied and published on as much as anyone over two decades. My conclusion might be wrong, but I think I’ve earned the right to share this research without risk to my career.

For such thoughts, Pielke was driven from the temple of correct thinking, as the alarmists sought to silence his voice. Be sure to read what it's like to be on the "wrong" side of the argument.

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  • He admits he might be wrong. And by the way his voice has not been silenced if you can quote him speaking out.

  • Admit he could be wrong? Unlike the global warming alarmists who adhere to the faith as if it were issued from the Vatican. As far as him being silenced, read the article: He was pushed out of FiveThirtyEight. The point is that they also tried to silence and marginalize him.

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