No "safe spaces" for Trump supporters on campus or elsewhere

For those of you who missed the craziness of the 1960s, come with me as we virtually travel back in time by viewing the nastiness, foul-mouthed and sometimes violent proclivities of the mobs. But these are not the '60s; today these are Hillary Clinton's supporters and Trump haters who do not believe that anyone who disagrees with them for whatever reason has a right to free speech and a right to assemble. (I link the First Amendment  here for the benefit of the products of today's education system who have never read it, thought about its implications or respected it. That would include the arrogant students and professors who have all the answers.)

Here are a few samples of these blockheads in action:

No, Trump supporters (I am not among them) are not as pure as the driven snow, as some scenes in these videos show. They have their share of hotheads and idiots. But the problem is that the Trump supporters more often are portrayed as mean and nasty than Clinton supporters. This just gives the other side.

The hateful faces of these anti-trump people remind me of something else from the '60s: Martin Luther King's march into Gage Park and Cicero to advocate for open housing. He was the target of ugly shouts and thrown stuff from countless punks. When asked why he had to march and "provoke" these mobs, progressives correctly said he was exercising his right of free speech and assembly. It was up to civil authorities to protect him. That's a sentiment that I did and still heartily agree with.

Here's a snippet:

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  • Hardly a surprise, as liberals are getting quite a reputation for their totalitarian bullying.

  • Crazies on both sides. Big difference is only one of the candidates is inciting violence against the other candidate and her supporters.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    Indeed he (Trump) is. But apparently, some Clinton supporters don't need any encouragement. Especially on campus where the professors should be teaching the students about free speech.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Which professors are inciting violence against political candidates and their supporters?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    "We need some muscle over here!"

  • fb_avatar

    Dissent will not be tolerated, Comrades...Foot soldiers of the DNC's Brown Shirt Goon Squad headed up by Uber Leiter Robert Creamer, husband of Rep Jan Schakowsky Ill9(D)

  • And she was charged with assault by the prosecutor in Columbia, Missouri.

    What happened to the guy who said "knock the crap out of ‘em?"

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