Let's quit the whining and instead look closely at what Trump wants to do

So much of the post-election news and commentary has focused on second-guessing, lamentations, warnings about kids being scared by the Trump boogeyman and whether some Hollywood eminences will fulfill their pledge to flee the now-soiled America.

My colleagues at ChicagoNow.com seem especially prone in this direction, some of them spinning into orbit about the dire and disastrous consequences of Trump's election.  Seemingly without bothering, as have done so many others in the media, to examine in detail exactly what president-elect Donald Trump has proposed doing.

NPR has done us the favor of publishing Trump's agenda for his first hundred days. ("Here is what Donald Trump want to do in his first 100 days.") It has been no secret, but one can only hope that once all the panicked have vented their spleens, the focus will shift to a rational discussion of where we go from here. I like some of the things on there, such as the education reform, and others not so much.

Not everyone, including some Republicans in Congress, will entirely agree with Trump's vision. And that's the way it should be in a federal system of checks and balances. Trump will have to learn to work with the legislative branch, where Republicans in the House have their own agenda, called a Better Way. (Details are here.)

So, let the debate begin. Let it be calm, respectful, thoughtful and intelligent.

Here is an example of the kind of sour grapes that we need to avoid.

Read why Americans need to learn about the nation's most ignored war.

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  • Yes! Time for a rational debate after our president is elected! First, I'd like to see his birth certificate, then I'd like proof he is not a closeted Scientologist, determined to make us all practice that religion. Then I would like a pledge that he will not grab any pussy of women that he is not married to. Next, because I heard a rumor that one of his proposals is actually going to fund death panels for the elderly, I will arm myself heavily to defend my parents and in-laws. Is that what you have in mind?

  • We should give Donald Trump the SAME respect that Republicans gave to Barack Obama on the night of January 20, 2009, when Senate leadership met to outline how to best BLOCK everything President Obama intended to do!

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