First junk the Electoral College and then the U.S. Senate

Wow, when your candidate loses, it's because the system is "rigged" and needs to be changed. Republican President-elect Donald Trump made a "rigged system" a centerpiece of his campaign. Now that he has won, all mention of a rigged system has ended--from Trump's camp.

But now that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has lost, the laments about a rigged system are gushing forth from Democrats and liberals. As if Clinton, having received the majority of the popular vote but having lost in the Electoral College, was a victim of a rigged system. Except that the Electoral College is the system that everyone must run under. Prompting me to ask: If the Electoral College was so bad, why didn't the Clintonistas campaign for its abolition before the election or during an off-election year. The question answers itself.

The electoral college promotes inclusiveness. If Hillary Clinton had won, which sections of the country (blue areas) do you think she'd present?

The electoral college promotes inclusiveness. If Hillary Clinton had won, which sections of the country (blue areas) do you think she'd present?

Abolishing the Electoral College and having the president elected by direct popular vote requires a constitutional amendment, so, be my guest. Start the process. It's just important that everyone understand the principles on which the College is based. The United States has a federal government, the result of a constitutional compromise that allows smaller states to be protected from the tyranny of the majority in the larger states.  If we are pained by that type of inclusiveness, then pass that constitutional amendment.

However, the wisest commentary that I've seen on the implications of abolishing the Electoral is be found in the Chicago Tribune's Voice of the People in the form of a letter to the editor from Mike Wahls. He nails the crux of the debate:

Eliminating the Electoral College in the name of democracy is modifying our form of government. Next we'll have to eliminate the Senate. It's not proportional to the voting population, only the House is. Then we can let California vote to annex Nevada. After all, it has more voters. Why shouldn't that count for more? And population growth in Texas has been exceeding its long-term fresh water supply for years. Texas could team up with a few other parched states and vote to take Great Lakes water.

Majority rule may not turn out so well for everybody

Well said, Mr. Wahls.

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  • Many forms of government have come and gone in the history of mankind. America's form of democracy, a teenager in the shadow of history can best be described as an experiment. It only makes sense that a successful civilization grow and evolve to survive.

    How can a document written over 200 years ago, to govern 13 states with a population of about 2-1/2 million people be expected to serve our nation now? These weren't gods who crafted the Constitution, they were white, slave owning men who believed that only their peers should vote. They were men who couldn't have predicted electricity, much less the internet, air travel, fast food or the growth of America and the changing dynamics of the world.

    A president elected by the majority of his constituents does nothing to change the nature of our federal style of government.

    The electoral college was only a compromise between those who saw a president elected by a popular vote and those who wanted the president appointed by a few elites. The gerrymandering of voting districts helps maintain that edge for rich white men.


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