Chicago aldermen shed light on Bill and Hillary Clinton's sense of entitlement

Sometimes it's hard to believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton could be as corrupt as their critics say. How can anyone believe that their "public service" could entitlement for such a startling flow of personal enrichment? Could they really be leveraging their positions of pubic trust to reap hundreds of millions--yes, hundreds of millions--of dollars for their own benefit?

 Would you buy a used car from this woman? (John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune)

Would you buy a used car from this woman? (John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune)

But then I'm reminded by Chicago's greedy aldermen of their vulnerability to believing that they are entitled to  special consideration just by dint of their being public officials. Witness their reaction to being told that they are not entitled, by reason of their office, to breaks on such high demand items as Chicago Cubs and Hamilton tickets. Oh, oh, poor us, they exclaimed. Not in private, but amazingly, in public, in a City Council meeting, where everyone could hear. Has it come to this? Have they no shame?

As Mike Royko once wrote about aldermen who were moaning about their "low" pay, if an alderman cannot steal enough to supplement their supposedly meager paycheck, then they have no business being aldermen.

So, if someone as low in the pecking order as aldermen (except in Chicago where they consider themselves to be masters of their domain) can fall victim to such self-important thinking, imagine how the Clintons must feel about their own sense of entitlement. Governor and first lady of Arkansas. Two-term president and first lady, senator, secretary of state. Their portfolio, I guess, comes attached with a "get it free" card.

Here's the sad part: Anyone who criticizes the Clintons for their unadulterated avarice and corruption of the public trust is automatically branded "Hillary haters." As if the problem lies in the eyes of the beholders of the reality of the Clintons' greed. As if an objective observation of the the Clintons' rapacity reflects a deep personal flaw in the beholder's character.

Just as some people manage to somehow ignore Donald Trump's well-documented psychosis, so too do the blind Clinton supporters. That we have devolved into such a sorry state is the real tragedy of this election.

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