Nobody loves a conspiracy more than Hillary Clinton

Well maybe not, but she does love a conspiracy. A fact conveniently bypassed by Richard C. Longworth in his Chicago Tribune op-ed, "Nobody loves a conspiracy more than Donald Trump."

No argument from here that Donald Trump, a sociopath, sees a stiletto-armed bogeyman behind every curtain, waiting to rob him of his supposedly rightful claim on the presidency. And Longworth makes a good case that some Trump supports do, indeed, see a mythical Jewish conspiracy lurking in the shadows, wanting to bring down the United States. Trump of course, is far game; Longworth is writing an opinion column and is not obligated to treat everyone equally.

But while casting a boulder at Trump for his twisted view of realty, shouldn't Clinton supporters also give at least a passing nod  to Hillary Clinton's  famous and goofy conspiratorial view of the forces aligned against her and husband Bill Clinton.

Begin with a 1998 Today Show interview when she declared a "vast right-wing conspiracy" that has been "conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president." Meaning against her too. Never mind that she was reacting to the utter and humiliating defeat of her HillaryCare proposal that was so absurd that it fell of its own weight, even with the help of  some Democrats.

More recently there was/is the Koch brothers conspiracy. When she was asked if she still believed in a vast right-wing conspiracy, she replied, "Don’t you?”  Following up, she said, "It's real."

Yea, its gotten even better funded. You know, they’ve brought in some new multibillionaires to pump the money in. You know these guys play for keeps. They want to control our country … They want to rig the economy so they get richer and richer. They could care less about income inequality … make no mistake, they want to destroy unions, they want to go after any economic interest … They want to destroy our balance of power … [global warming skeptics are] they’re doing the bidding of the Koch brothers.

Among her assertions is that people who are "climate deniers" don't really believe that the science supporting the global warming claims is sketchy, at best, but that they don't honestly hold any doubts; they're only doing the bidding of the cabal. Insulting.

Then, of course, the most recent conspiracy--the Alt Right. Something I had never heard of, but which supposedly is trying to torpedo her presidential ambitions. Thank God, she warned us.

Yes, the opposition to her candidacy is organized and well-financed, just as is the opposition to Trump's candidacy. If that qualifies as a conspiracy, then Clinton and her supporters also should plead guilty

Clinton wants us to  believe that those revealing and embarrassing (for her) emails that Wikileaks have released are evidence of a conspiracy that involves the Russians and (she leaves this unsaid) with the encouragement, consent or involvement of Trump. Which means that we shouldn't bother to look at the substance of the emails. That dodge is so simpleminded and stupid, it's evidence of her disrespect of the American voter. Although she doesn't say it (just as Longworth doesn't come right out and say that Trump is antiSemitic but comes close enough to ignite hatred among his followers), she is accusing Trump of treason.

Just as it is sometimes a correct perception of reality when a paranoid person believes his in danger, so too, it's a reflection of reality that people are saying all this nasty things about her. Not necessarily  because there's a conspiracy, but that an examination of the facts of her long history of deception, skating on the edge of corruption and all the rest leads to a consensus that she is whom she appears to be.

Or to borrow and edit from Longworth's closing sentence: "Translation: It's a conspiracy, folks. Only Hillary Clinton has it figured out, and only Hillary Clinton can save us from it.

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  • The more simple-minded the dodge the easier it is for the progressives and liberals to bobble-head nod in agreement. They have never been confused by facts (or lack thereof).

    Oh, and based on the leaded DNC emails, the entire Hillary campaign is not only anti-Catholic, but anti-Semitic, and take delight in mocking the "needy" Latino's and making fun of African Americans. But they are just reflecting the Queen's attitude.

    With the exception of one column here on ChicagoNow I have seen no great laudatory posts on our future Queen's accomplishments and qualifications, but every day the Trump thumpers preach to the choir.

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    Yet we have 2 of the 3 CN's "I'm in Trump's closets" here.

  • In reply to jack:

    Better to be in the closet and coming out that so far up Granny Hillary's colon that you and constipation of truth are brown buds.

  • Yes, there are real conspiracies. As you acknowledge, Dennis, "the opposition to her candidacy is organized and well-financed, just as is the opposition to Trump's candidacy. If that qualifies as a conspiracy, then Clinton and her supporters also should plead guilty." Yes, it does qualify as a non-criminal conspiracy because it is a clearly established combination of individuals to achieve a particular result. And, the Koch brothers are a part of this conspiracy, are they not?

    There are other conspiracy theories that are supported by probabilities and may be proven, although the proof in currently unavailable. Among these are theories about the conspiracies involving WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, the Russians and Donald Trump.

    Finally, there are conspiracy theories requiring acceptance of combinations only paranoid personalities can buy. Among these is Trump's claims that the media are conspiring with Hillary, the Republican Establishment and the assault victims to defeat him.

    So, some conspiracy theories are supported, some are probable but unproven, and others are improbable and unproven.

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    VOTER FRAUD; SEE SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING! Certain Electronic Voting machines are compromised, stealthily owned by Billionaire George Soros. Don't let any irregularity go unchallenged? It is your right as an American Citizen to contact local police, State Election Commission and FBI. It is a felony to vote if you're not a birthright citizen or a Naturalized Citizen. It is a serious crime and punishable by law. Here is a listing of every state FBI Field Office:

    The National media are biased against Donald Trump, as most are owned by huge consortiums that enjoy the Globalist paradise of taking your money. Your might check out my Twitter account of 5000 Trump advocates, which illustrates the criminal activities of Washington DC at TRUMPJOBMAKER2017


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    the billy goat has left the building. This is epic. Also think about when mcfly gets to the future, 2015, he has a man tell him he wishes he could go back to the beginning of the season and put some money on the cubbies. Thenn it says cubs win world series. A few minutes later he sees biff aka trump running for president. yep i'm gonna go with 2016 is the year.

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