Hillary Clinton's dementia

She must have dementia, otherwise how could her memory failed so much when she was answering (i.e. dodging) Judicial Watch questions concerning her Clinton.com non-state.gov email system.

She responded that she "did not recall" 20 times to such questions as did she alter or destroy on hrcState Department related business. How could anyone not remember such a thing. It's a gotcha question, because if she said "yes," she would be confessing to a crime. If she said "no" she subjects herself to a perjury charge. Her only possible answer was "I do not recall."  Unconvincing. Should we expect anything different considering her history of deception.

At least she didn't answer a question by saying it depends on what the definition of "is" is.

Of course, dementia is not a laughing matter. Unlike Ronald Reagan's reported alleged dementia that was ridiculed by the left, as in the book by Art Buchwald, I think I don't remember. 

Go here to see the complete list of her "don't recall" answers. Go here to see her objections to even being questioned about certain aspects of the scandal.

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  • From your link we do not know the precise questions asked in the deposition, but if you were asked "What conversations did you have between 2009 and 2013 concerning your email server?" how would you answer? Most of us would say "I don't recall." Symptom of dementia? Lying? Premature diagnosis?

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    She doesn't remember attending the official, mandatory orientation where all aspects of communications between entities of the government were discussed and official secrets documents would be signed? she doesn't remember THAT? or, she made the decision to not attend so she could claim she didn't know she couldn't install an at home email system? she gets to edit her years at the State Department?the law says no, but she is HILLARY!

  • Okay, maybe Granny has a lot on her plate and can't remember much anymore.

    I would like to know is she just stupid or a liar in saying that she didn't know "C" on emails stood for classified. Either way, that is the Democrat that all the lying stupid support for president.

  • Dennis, unless you are coming out for Jill Stein in the next couple of days, your candidate is either deranged or a doper.
    Playing both sides of the street only works for so long.

  • My father died after suffering from Alzheimer's for 8 years. It is unworthy of you to use dementia to score a political point.

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