Cops' lives matter

Where is the outrage? Where is the marching in the streets? Where is the video, played again and again? Where are the riots and the looting? Where are the sanctimonious race baiters? Where are the op-ed columns and the editorials?

Why is this story  buried somewhere inside in the Tribune's print edition? Why did I have to use the search function to find it on the Tribune's news site?

These are fair questions, but who wants to ask them after a Chicago cop was beating to within an inch of her life by a West Side motorist who may have been on PCP? Here's

the story and here's a column by John Kass.

Yes, we don't have all the facts, only a story told by the police superintendent. And as those of us who constantly challenged the Ferguson narrative being played on on the streets, we ought to wait until we make any judgment. Unlike the race baiters of Black Lives Matter. And maybe we'll find out that the cop deserved to be beaten--right?

My point here is one of equivalency, fairness and justice.

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  • Also notice the complete lack of outraged Chicagonow bloggers? Where are the situationally outraged?

    All you north shore/north side defenders of black lives, which you only see on TV, where is your outrage? Speak up? Buffy and Spencer can wait whilst you pound out your outrage and press "publish".

    We have to go on the premise that the suspect is black, as no identification is given to him. We don't know about the cop, but that doesn't matter, because even black cops are" implicity racist".

  • In reply to Chef Boy RD:

    Well, I'd have noticed "the complete lack" if not for Dennis' outrage.. and my own, although I haven't expressed it publicly yet. (Not in a post, anyway.)

  • Equivalency, fairness and justice? Seriously? You want to equate random, unarmed civilians with an armed, largely unaccountable arm of the government? If you don't see that as one of the greatest false equivalencies of modern times, you are probably voting for Donald Trump. I didn't notice if the article stated the race of the officer, but if she is black, then she, herself has experienced the "fairness" of the system at least once while she was driving around out of uniform. While she says that she was thinking of the headlines when she decided not to draw her gun, it's unlikely that is what was going through her mind during the incident. Looking back, it's a convenient excuse for her physical inability to draw her weapon when she needed it. Independent review after independent review has demonstrated systemic bias from the top down, nationally, statewide and locally. As long as a black teenager wearing a hoodie has as much chance of being shot by a cop or neighborhood watch guy as he does returning home safely, why should anyone else walk the streets with smug immunity? Black Lives Matter is an authentic movement among a group of people who know that they or a loved one could be next. All Lives Matter is a cynical and ridiculous taunt. I know my life matters and I have no fear that I will be shot by an officer of the law arbitrarily deciding that I am an existential threat. When everyone can feel the same way, you will have your equivalency, fairness and justice.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Here is how cops are accountable: Three cops shot in Palm Springs CA. Two dead as of this posting.

    Your life matters to you, but I can guarantee you that if you didn't obey a lawful order to raise your hands and get on the ground and instead reached into your pocket or behind your back very quickly you would find that a cop of any color or sex might view you as an instant existential threat and fill you full of lead.

    Life ain't safe lilly white suburban for everybody. Learn the rules.

  • "... it's unlikely that is what was going through her mind during the incident." So, you're a mind reader.

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