The post-debate analysis was lamer (and funnier) than the Clinton-Trump face-off itself

I looked forward to the post-debate analysis more than the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump itself. The post-debate debate was more entertaining, funnier and goofier than the main event between the perfect narcissist Donald Trump and the compulsive liar and consummate crook Hillary Clinton.

Entertaining, funny and goofy because the partisan punditry virtually without exception attempted to explain why the candidate they favored won and the one they opposed made an absolute fool of himself/herself. Just as one would expect in today's land of witless commentary.

Truth was this was a debate between the two most unqualified, bogus candidates for president that ever ran in the same election in my lifetime. Perhaps ever. To judge who won the debate, you had to decide which one failed to trip over his or her tongue less frequently. And who looked "poised."

Yet here come the spin, typically instructing us not about who made the best substantive arguments, who explained their policy positions most clearly and persuasively, who made the most sense. Instead we get a debate over a fat girl at a miss-something-or-other contest.  Left unanswered from both candidates were substantive questions just about everything that should be important in a presidential election.

Here's a smattering: "Trump sounded like a heckler."Trump sounded presidential" (whatever the hell that means)."Unprepared man repeatedly shouting over a highly prepared woman," "Trump blames others after debate with Clinton; says he may hit 'harder' next time" (this was supposed to be a news report, not an opinion piece), "Presidential debate show you never bring a Cheeto to a knife fight,"

Some opinion writers spent hundreds of words explaining why their prediction of how the debate would go ended up spot on or off base. Some dwelt on facial expressions, whether there was too much pouting or a good dose of smiling. As if they had read too much of The Making of the President, 1960, by journalist Theodore White that went on and on about how the Nixon-Kennedy debate was decisive (at least more so than the thousands of votes that Richard J. Daley stole in Chicago). Others were already speculating on who would say what in the second debate, coming up on Sunday, Oct. 9.

In this fight between the two most horrible candidates, in would have been refreshing to read someone who called both of them idiots.

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    Ronald H. Witt

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    Ronald H. Witt round two should be more interesting if the debators change their tactics.

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    Dennis, you missed the point of the post-debate analysis. I did, too.

    Trump won the debate:

    We just don't get how Trump can continue to hold and grow support with the disjointed, muddled policies he advocates.

    He won because he promises change (forget which way the change occurs), and Hillary offers only a third Obama term. And voters have seen enough of Obama that they don't want another four years.

    Now, if you want change of a reasonable, effective sort, I urge you to look at Johnson-Weld.

  • In reply to MillerDan:

    Johnson sure as hell should have been in the debate.

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