Democracy's failure: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be America's next president

Democracy is the best form of government, or at least a lot better than whatever comes in second, but it's no guarantee that whatever the people decide is always the best choice.

And so it goes with this year's presidential election. A plurality of American citizens have presented us with the most awful, heart stopping choice for president since, well, ever. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both are unsuited to be president of us all. The commander in chief. The chief executive. The only leader of  one of the three branches of government who is solely in charge.

A gathering of the contemptible.

A gathering of the contemptible.

To summarize: Donald Trump is an autocrat and a textbook narcissist, a deadly combination. Hillary Clinton is a consummate opportunist and a compulsive liar who will reliably put the American people in second place. God help us all. Both characters are so flawed that the choice comes down to which of their policies you prefer. But that's also a nonstarter because Clinton and Trump have been so erratic about the issues that you can't trust them. Thus, the choice goes back to character, and the circle is completed.

How did this happen? Well you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. But you can fool just enough people some of the time to make the difference. The difference this time is that an abhorrent flake will occupy the White House.

So what do we do? Perhaps enough voters will follow their their conscience and write in the name of a qualified candidate in protest so that Clinton or Trump  will be unable to claim to have a mandate. One can hope that not enough  Trump or Clinton supporters will have a majority in Congress, and that might serve as a sufficient check on whatever craziness emerges from the White House. At least until we can get safely  to the next election.

Meanwhile, we start now to vet the 2020 candidates, with sanity high on the eligibility list. It will be necessary to coalesce around the most qualified candidates early so that sane people don't fall into the trap that caught up the Republicans in the primary by offering too many good people which  enabled one or two flakes to gather a plurality.

Finally, pray.

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  • No. Democracy's failure: a major political party nominating dreck like Trump.

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