Trump, you jerk, you're giving us Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump, your  brainless attack on a Muslim mother of a U.S. soldier, Army Capt. Human Khan, killed in action is just one more reason that independents and other on-the-fence voters won't support you on election day or vote for Hillary Clinton.

Sure, this time you didn't raise your voice or call your target a nasty name like you usually do, but do you really think you brought any new voters on to your side by criticizing Ghazala Khan for standing silent next to her husband, Khizr Khan, while he launched an emotional and legitimate attack on you at the Democratic National Convention last week. Khizr Khan's nailed it when he said "Trump has 'sacrificed nothing and no one' for America.'

Sure, you've have built all those buildings, which is doing something for America. But Khan's meaning was clear: You talk a good game, but did you serve your country in the military. Did you lose something, like a son, fighting for America?" You clearly didn't; you're about my age, but you didn't serve when many in my generation were being drafted for the Vietnam War.

For some odd reason, Ghazala's silence irked you. Why? I can think of no logical reason. Other than to vent some kind of goofiness within. And then he make it worse by crying "poor me," by tweeting on Monday that: "Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same."

Your childish wha-wha-whahaing when you get attacked even half as viciously as you hand it out indicates that you've got a loose screw. For the sake of our country, can you just shut your mouth for once when you haven't thought through what you hope to achieve and how? If you can't hep yourself, you truly are a jerk.

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  • Fair argument Dennis.

    But, you must ask yourself, what have you done the past year? All you have done is bash Trump in scores of posts. Never highlighting all the important issues he has brought up. Issues that became the platform for every single Republican candidate. Many of which mirror nearly half of the Democrat voter concerns in Bernie Sanders.

    Try Googling/Binging Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton for that matter. It's a complete concerted negative media blitz against Trump, even as conservative sites are reporting news about Hillary that would send any other American to Prison.

    Go to Drudge Report, Breitbart, conservative tree house, American thinker, Tammy Bruce. None of these stories are being reported in the mainstream, but they would be if they were about Donald Trump.

    All you've done Dennis, 'you jerk', is help give us Hillary Clinton....why?

  • In reply to 4zen:
  • In reply to 4zen:

    Far enough. I had already started on an issue analysis of the two candidates. As I've said before (and I'll say again) the "character" issue cancels each other out. What we're left with are the issues. Now if we can get some consistency from the candidates, especially H. Clinton.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Hillary might be flawed, but she's not looney tunes.

  • fb_avatar

    Dennis, I'm kinda slow but finally do get that you do not approve of Trump. May I suggest, however, that you retire the word "jerk" for the duration? Thanks.

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