Tammy Duckworth, a tool of Wall Street

In her campaign to become the U.S. Senator from Illinois, Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) is doing her best to paint her Republican opponent, incumbent Mark Kirk,  as a tool of Wall Street.

“Mark Kirk has spent 16 years in Washington doing whatever the Wall Street banks and corporate special interests that fund his campaigns want him to do,” her spokesman, Matt McGrath, said. Kaitlin Fahey, Duckworth's campaign manager, jabbed Kirk as being funded by "Wall Street and corporate special interests."

And so on and so forth.

Duckworth, for her part, wants to leave the impression that she gets nothing from Wall Street and will fight to her last breathe to defend Main Street from the depredations of Wall Street.

Duckworth's own palsy-walsy money connection to Wall Street

Except for this: Duckworth, herself, takes money from Wall Street. In comparison to other Democrats, Duckworth takes a lot of money from Wall Street.

According to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, Duckworth has received $162,376 from the  securities and investment industry so far in the 2016 campaign cycle. She has also received more money for the securities and investment industry than:

The Center also notes that the leading industry by donors who live inside her congressional district work in the security and investment industry.

Democrats have made fighting Wall Street a major theme in this election year, so it is interesting that while most Democrats will eschew that industry's campaign contributions, Duckworth is among the leading takers in her party. What does that say about her honesty when she goes after Kirk so aggressively for accepting money from the financial industry?

Here's what Kevin Artl, Kirk's campaign manager had to say in an email:

Throughout her decade long political career, Duckworth has mastered the art of saying one thing and then doing another for self-serving political gain, and sometimes even for her own personal profit.  As a result, Duckworth has been rated as one of the least effective members of Congress.  Illinois has been battered and brutalized by ineffective and self-serving politicians like Blagojevich and Duckworth, and we simply cannot afford Duckworth anymore.
Duckworth's hypocrisy and dishonesty similarly hasn't escaped the Chicago Sun-Times, which called her out  in an  editorial for lying about Kirk's record:

But a bigger mystery is how Duckworth could look at Sen. Kirk’s record and conclude he wants to arrest 18,000 African-Americans and is “apparently fine” with the mass deportation of 11 million people.

You've got to read the editorial to find out how Duckworth could make such an absurd charge.

I've have more later about Duckworth's dishonesty.

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