Pool noodles verboten in politically correct San Francisco

San Francisco (where else?) has again broken new goofy ground, with its newly enacted ban on all kinds of foam products, including noodles and other pool toys.

Reported Time:

The ban applies to polystyrene food packaging, packing peanuts, to-go containers, coffee pool noodlescups and pool toys, among other things. For most products, the ban will take effect Jan. 1, 2017. For meat and fish trays, it becomes effective July 1, 2017. The bill’s sponsors argued that such foam products, which are not biodegradable, pollute waterways and can harm animal life. They touted the ban as an example of the city’s leadership on environmental issues.


Makes me wonder what they'll serve that boiling hot coffee in now. As  writes in Watchdog.org,

...pool noodles aren’t (usually) the type of thing that you’d use once and then throw away – like a coffee cup or a take-out tray – and they’re not produced in such massive quantities as to clog up the nation’s landfills.

Well, maybe common sense will prevail, like it did in a New York courtroom, according to the New York Times:

New York City’s ban on plastic-foam food containers, the once-ubiquitous vessels for Chinese takeout and curbside halal food, has been overturned, rejecting a signature environmental initiative of two mayors and clearing the way for an industry-backed plan to buy and recycle the items.

Describing the sanitation commissioner’s ban as “arbitrary and capricious,” Justice Margaret A. Chan of State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Monday denied the city’s claim that recycling used polystyrene containers “was neither environmentally effective nor economically feasible.”

Imagine, having to prove that your whacky law has to actually accomplish something.

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    I guess no one if SanFRan has seen the FaceBook posts about 1000 and 1 things to do with pool noodles...and who throws away all the foam from stores?another very reusable product...don't people out on the Left Coast know about reuse/repurpose ?

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