UPDATE: Do you think that Hillary will divorce Bill if she finally gets what she wants--the presidency?

UPDATE: The relevant question after November 8 is,  "Do you think that Hillary will divorce Bill now that he is just excess baggage after her loss to Donald Trump?"


For decades now, the question has been asked: Why does't Hillary Clinton divorce that cheating dirtbag, Bill Clinton? The stock answer typically has been because she will need him if she ever decides to run for president. Cynical, yes. But do you have a better explanation?

The general observation  has been: What woman in her right mind would not divorce such a faithless husband? Who would not divorce a husband who is getting getting blow jobs in the office a few steps away from from their own bedroom? Who would "stand by her man" instead of divorcing him when there are numerous "bimbo eruptions?"

The standard answer also has been: The blindly ambitious Hillary Clinton, that's who. Someone who for the sake of her own addled hunger for the presidency would tolerate years of betrayal by her husband. Who wouldn't want to run with the divorce of a popular president on her record.

In light of that hypothesis, the only question would be: When would she finally decide to divorce pervert Bill? Clearly not hillary and billduring the presidential campaign or too soon after her election. Maybe in a year or two, when they would announce an "amicable" divorce. Or when Bill's latest fumbling sexual encounter with someone one-quarter his age becomes public knowledge. Or when he publicly embarrasses her, like when he just "happened" to visit Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her private jet.  Or when Bill  tries to interfere in Hillary's presidential decisions. She wants him to "run the economy?" Bullshit. She won't want him anywhere in sight.

It's only a matter of time.

But speaking of unanswered questions: Why do progressives continue to support this woman? Someone who has objectified and used his superior position to victimize women. Someone who, if he were in the private sector, would be roundly condemned for this overt sexual abuse. And driven by pitchforks from his perch.  Lord, Bill Clinton's proven misconduct  makes allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Fox News chief Roger Ailes to be small potatoes. (Here I'm not defending or condemning Ailes; determining the veracity of the charge is what a court is for.)

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  • Progressives crave the raw power of 'good intentions' and Hillaryspeak gives them their mana, consequences be damned.

    Hillary leave Bill? You're assuming 'the gator hates the swamp.'

  • Dennis, I can't figure if you are auditioning for a position with National Enquirer or changing your career to that of a marriage counselor. You and 4zen might also consider the possibility that she is the only current candidate for president who is faithful to her marriage. Or is that, to use your elegant command of the English language, "Bull...t."

  • In reply to jnorto:

    So, you think that she will continue being a "faithful" wife for that scumbag. (How do you know that she is the only presidential candidate faithful to his/her marriage?) You,as usual, haven't responded to the point of the post. You see nothing wrong with her attacks on the women who revealed his legally defined sexual harassment? You would have us believe that she "stood by her man" out of love for him and her devotion to the marriage ideal? You are more blinded by your ideology and partisanship than I imagined.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Your sputtering response certainly demonstrates your ideology and partisanship. You will not accept the possibility that a woman whose husband has been unfaithful may make a decision to stay in her marriage. It doesn't fit your narrative, although it is a decision many women have made, rightly or wrongly.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Of course I accept that possibility. But that doesn't rule out the possibility that HRC stayed with it because she wanted to be president.

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