When will the Democratic sheeple in the Illinois House get sick of it all and boot out Speaker Michael Madigan?

The quick answer is the Democratic sheeple in the Illinois House will never get fed up enough to remove Michael Madigan as the Speaker of the House. That's because Madigan controls their campaign funding and they owe too much for all the favors he has done them. And that they don't give a damn about what's good for Illinois.

One can only hope and pray that the Democrats who have been electing Monarch Mike for all these decades finally would get insulted enough to being led around by the nose, told what to do and get punished like little children for any perceived slights. They apparently have no pride. Or no conscience.

Blame Gov. Bruce Rauner, and previous Republican governors, as much as they want for the current budget stalemate, but even if Democratic

House Fleecer Michael Madigan

House Fleecer Michael Madigan

lawmakers won't admit it to themselves, it was Madigan and his pathological ego that has led Illinois into its financial hellhole. It's Madigan's slavish pimping for the government labors unions, with their exorbitant demands for ever more luscious pay, generous benefits and airtight job security that has created a state that is unable to take care of even the most needy among us.

In this, Madigan is captive of organized labor. Unable to bend even slightly in the direction of common sense and reason, Madigan dares not  defy the greedy public-be-damned public employee union leadership. Is the great and powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan afraid to do what is right? And are House Democrats so spineless, so devoted to their own self-preservation that they won't even entertain the thought of replacing their leadership with men and women who can think for themselves and see what's right for the state. House Democrats know better than anyone else how petty, vengeful and egoistical Madigan is. Are they so frightened, do they cast they eyes downward in his presence that they can't for once say no?

Oh sure, Rauner is stubbornly sticking to his plans to improve state finances, to look to the future well-being of the state. But Rauner has offered to compromise, but Madigan has not. And, of course, Senate President John Cullerton will do as he is told, as always.

All aboard! Next stop for the state of Illinois: Hell.

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  • Are you advocating backbones somehow appear in the spineless?

  • The sheeple follow the fleecer.

  • Madigan, Cullerton and the rest of their political career cronies ALL need to be voted out of office. They're the biggest reason Rauner can't get anything accomplished. And We, The People, suffer.
    Bravo on your post.

  • Most Illinois residents still have no idea who Madigan is. When's the last time he spoke to a reporter on camera?

  • Not that I remember.

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