Worried about E. coli on your shopping cart? Then bring your own #%!^& sanitizing wipes to the store


The latest research shows that "70 percent of shopping carts in Chicago have traces of E. coli, but not all stores offer sanitizing wipes," the Chicago Tribune reports.

Alarmed by this news, the newspaper tracked down grocery and drug stores to find out if they are "doing something" In

More germs than the washrooms?

More germs than the washrooms?

this case, providing sanitized wipes at the store. Low and behold, many of the stores already were doing it before the new study, but there was at least one that wasn't: Walgreens.

The drugstore chain tried putting dispensers for the cloths near the entrances of some stores, but "demand for them was very light," spokesman James Graham said.

Shall we have a congressional investigation. Should the CDC spring into action? Should the government impose a rule mandating the installation of wipes at the door of every store?

I hope not. Does everyone have to take care of us all the time. Shoppers are not prohibited from bring their own wipes. They should.

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  • Years ago, before anybody even thought of germs on a grocery cart, I used to wipe down my hands after shopping. Also after pumping gas and especially after using --in the old days-- pay phones. I used to get a lot of colds and sore throats prior to doing that.

    Now I wonder if I am under exposed to germs. When I was a kid I used to play, literally, in dirt at construction sites.

    I think I need to be the subject of a government study on whether I need or do not need germs. There must be a grant for that.

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