On Wisconsin. Save us from Trump

Wisconsin has been like a second home to me. It's where my family vacationed when I was a kid, in Eagle River, Elkhart Lake and Green Lake. Green  Lake is where my grandparents lived and home to the Tuscumbia golf course where my brother Bill and I learned to play golf. I got my higher education in Wisconsin, at Marquette University, the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and the University 0f Wisconsin at Madison. It was where  a cut my teeth as a journalist at the DePere Journal-Democrat. Milwaukee, to me, is the optimal sized city.

 (Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune

(Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune

So, once again I turn to Wisconsin. This time, as its citizens are voting today, to save us from Donald Trump. By "us," I mean the Republican Party and the United States of America. He would destroy the Republican Party and send the United States of America on the road to an authoritarian form of governance that neither our Founding Fathers, or anyone today who appreciates self-government would recognize.

No need here to recount his many goofy and dangerous ideas--from punishing women for having abortions to dropping out of NATO. Suffice to say that his appeal to the  authoritarian personalities among his supporters would lead to the worst four years this country has seen, short of World War II.

So, Wisconsinites, do us a big favor. Pundits say that today's Republican primary in Wisconsin will be a telling point--Trump wins it and his road to the nomination is clear. If he loses, real Republicans can hope that he's stopped at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Turn out today and vote. On Wisconsin!

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